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Wooden Pallet New

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What is a Wooden Pallet ?

A Wood Pallet is produced from boards and rafters made of "fresh" sawn timber. Sawn timber is fresh when it comes directly from a sawmill.

Mainly, wooden pallets are produced from softwood species (spruce, Douglas fir, pine or fir).In some cases, "hard" wood boards, i.e. wood from trees classified as hardwoods, such as poplar, beech or oak, may be used. This is particularly the case for standard Dusseldorfer pallets, where the boards that provide the riveted connection with the metal or plastic studs are preferred in oak. Depending on the dimensions, a wooden pallet can contain up to 30 wooden elements and 200 nails (steel nails). For example, an EPAL pallet (Standard Europe pallet) contains 20 wooden elements and ... 78 nails.

How are they produced ?

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How are wooden pallets produced ?

The manufacture of wooden pallets is dependent on the industrial tool, the production line, however we can still describe the principles according to 3 stages which are found whatever the equipment used.

The Tray (top of the pallet)

The construction of the tray consists in the nailing of the boards with the sleepers. The nailing is generally automated, the nailers remaining fixed, it is the boards and sleepers which are conveyed.

This step can be synchronized with the rest of pallet production or desynchronized. When it is desynchronized, the stacks of trays are then temporarily stored and later resumed for final assembly line.

The assembly of the blocks 

The wooden block or composite wooden blockare assembled with the top, on the same principle as the top assembly.

Installation of the skids (runner)

This is the last step in the construction of a wooden pallet. The skids, i.e. the boards in contact with the ground, are nailed to the studs themselves, which are solidarised with the board.

Corner cutting (optional)

Depending on the specifications, the corner cut can be requested. This involves cutting the 4 corners, over the entire height of the wooden pallet, with rotating saw blades.

Marking (optional step)

The wooden pallets can be marked according to the instructions requested by the standard or the customer.

Two marking methods are mainly used:

- Fire" marking: Fire marking of the wooden pallet consists of heating (with gas burners, or electrical resistors), a marking plate (usually cast iron) and applying it to the wood for 15 to 30 seconds.

The wood is thus burned and marked with the desired inscription.

- Ink jet marking: like the markings that you can find on packaging, in particular the use-by dates, when the pallet passes in front of ink jet guns, the pallet is marked progressively.

Generally the ink used is approved for food compatibility.

New Wood Pallet : A complete range of dimensions and resistance

MyPalletsOnline is the first site to offer directly online the largest range of wooden pallets in production. Our pallet manufacturing plants respect your manufacturing specifications. Our manufacturers are equipped with ISPM15 heat treatment ovens (see our article to understand the IPPC standard on ISPM15) and we can also mechanically dry your new wooden pallets to obtain a moisture content that reduces the risk of mould and/or fungus growth.

We also present you on our site a whole range of second-hand pallets. Our pallets are sorted and renovated individually by qualified employees.

Our EPAL stamped products are exchangeable and constitute a kind of deposit. Our other models are therefore not recorded unless agreed between the supplier and his customer.

Dimension 40X60 (1/4 euro size pallet)

We offer 4 quarter pallet (1/4) models with equivalent external dimensions and characteristics 400X600 mm. The composition of the wood sections differ to best suit your packages and weight.

Two-way rafter pallet

Ultra light pallet

Light pallet

Semi-heavy pallet (1/2 heavy duty)

Dimension 60X80 (1/2 euro size pallet)

4 models of 1/2 pallets from the very light to the Dusseldorfer pallet

1/2 very light


Half pallet EPAL 6 (heavy pallet)

EPAL 7 standardised or non-standardised dusseldorfer (cheaper pallet)

Size 60X100 industry (1/2 UK Standard industrial pallet)

Find and directly access our 4 models of 1/2 pallets industry from the very light to the heavy half-pallet

600X1000 1/2 very light

600X1000 1/2 light

6000X1000 half-heavy (1/2 heavy)

600X1000 Heavy load

Dimension 80X120 (Euro size)

The size 80X120 cm is the most used size in Europe, except in England where the 100X120 format predominates. Depending on your application, we offer 4 models with different load resistances. Except for the Palette Europe model which is a standard, we have designed 3 models by optimizing the use of material for pallets cheaper and just as resistant.

80X120 very light

80X120 light

Half Heavy 80X120

Pallet EUR standard EPAL - UIC (heavy duty)

Dimension 100X120 Industry - Uk Standard

The size 100X120 is widely used throughout the industry for larger and heavier packaging, especially in the entire beverage, soda and water industry as well as for brewers. It is also the most used format in England.

We manufacture 7 different models in 3 skids and 5 skids (called perimeter or framed) standardized EPAL or more simply our own design "MyPalletsOnline Design for cheaper pallets.

A 3 sole pallet is composed of 3 parallel boards forming the base on the ground while a 5 sole pallet is composed of 5 boards forming a rectangle (or square) of bearing capacity on the ground. These two models are 4 entries, you can handle your pallets empty or loaded on all four sides.

100X120 3 very light MyPalletsOnline Design soles

100X120 3 lightweight MyPalletsOnline Design soles

1000X1200mm 5 skids very light

1000X1200mm 5 runners lightweight

Semi - Heavy Load 3 skids

Semi Heavy Load 5 runners

EPAL EUR 3, 3 skids (dairy industry approved)

EPAL EUR2 with 5 runners

Chemical Pallets New - The CP range

CP pallets, are packaging supports standardized by and for the chemical industry. 9 models named respectively from Cp1 to CP9 constitute the range. Over time, these dimensions have also been used by other sectors, particularly for export by container pallet.

We present you all the range of CP (Chemical Pallet) pallets and you can find on each page the detailed technical data sheets in free access, without needing to register on our site.

Pallet CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5, CP6, CP7, CP8CP9

VMF (glass manufacturer in France) New

Only one model constitutes the VMF specifications, it is about a pallet of dimension 100X120 with 5 soles and the corner blocks are retracted.

The fact that the studs are inside and cause what is called an overhanging floor, allows to weld in the corners by heat shrinking a sheet placed on the tray (previously) with the protective cover of the empty glass bottles. The junction thus makes it possible to maintain the bottles with the shelter of external contaminations.

New Wooden Pallet Collar

MyPalletsOnline presents you 3 most used models in size 60X80, 80X120 and 100X120. 4 hinged folding extensions. According to your need, we have declined our extensions in stock according to models with 1 or 2 boards and 2 categories in wood quality. The 1st choice, very few knots and small size and standard quality with visible knots and integral. Solid and visible knots do not reduce the essential characteristics of the socket. With our extensions, you transform your pallets into pallet crates. You can stack several extensions on top of each other to increase the volume and capacity of your pallet box.

When you no longer need a pallet box, you fold the collar which then takes up much less space than a fixed pallet box.

In permanent stock

model 60X80

model 80X120

model 100X120

On request, we can offer you other dimensions such as the extension 1300X1100 which adapts to CP4 and CP7 pallets.

Custom & Bespoke pallet

Our design office designs your A & Z pallet. We check with you the conditions and constraints of your entire supply chain (Upstream, Storage, Production, Storage, Shipping and Downstream customer need). We offer you several solutions also on alternative products to correspond exactly to your need and for cheaper pallets. Our latest generation tools enable us to provide you with mechanical load resistance calculations according to several criteria that are essential to your decision.

Compliance and Certifications ISPM15

Wood pallets can be treated by heat treatment (HT) to comply with the ISPM15 standard (mandatory for export from and out of Portugal).

They can be dried mechanically in an oven specially adapted for drying wood.

PEFC and/or FSC certification. Most manufacturers in France and Europe are now certified. FSC certification is more common in Anglo-Saxon countries.

At the end of life

Wood pallets at the end of their life are totally recyclable on one side wood that can be used for energy production, or in natural or coloured wood mulching and on the other side steel tips (nails) that can be remelted in the steel industry.

You can download our detailed technical data sheets directly on each of our product pages in French, English, Deutch, Italian and Spanish.


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