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Cardboard pallet

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A cardboard pallet is a transport support used to store and move products in a safe and convenient way. It is made of corrugated cardboard, honeycomb or rigid paper. The cardboard pallet is most often single use and disposable.

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Cardboard honeycomb pallets

Honeycomb pallets are a specific form of cardboard sheets used for manufacturing. These sheets are characterised by a honeycomb design which increases stability, load capacity and therefore strength.

This design also allows for better air circulation to prevent condensation and protect the products. Honeycomb pallets are often used for transporting light or bulky products and can be easily stacked for efficient storage.

What are the advantages of cardboard pallets?

Environmentally friendly (Eco Friendly): made from recyclable materials and can be recycled after use.

Lightweight: easier to handle and transport than wooden pallets.

Adaptable: can be designed to fit different types of products and loads.

Hygienic: easy to clean and disinfect for food or pharmaceutical applications.

How are they made?

Cardboard pallets are made using sheets of corrugated or honeycomb cardboard which are cut to size, folded and glued to form either trays, blocks or skids.


Step 1: the blocks are glued to a base plate.

Step 2: Depending on the size of the pallet, 2 or 3 blocks are glued to a tray.

As a finishing touch, a coating or protective layer can improve the moisture resistance and durability.

The cardboard pallets can also be printed for easy marking and identification, especially with inkjet printers.

Adhesive pallet feet made of cardboard

Cardboard pallet feet are a product derived from cardboard pallets. They are widely used to replace pallets by being placed under your packing boxes.

Much lighter, they offer real savings for your air shipments for example.

They are very easy to use, remove the protective film from the adhesive and stick it directly under your carton. Depending on the size and your handling needs you can stick 2 to 3 feet to your packaging.

We offer 3 sizes of pallet feet, all in honeycomb construction, which is much more resistant.