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Wooden Pallet 800X1200 (Euro Pallet & more)

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A Wide choice of new Wood Pallet Euro size 80X120 cm

We offer the widest range of new wooden pallets in standard dimensions 80X120. Our design office has designed and optimised our very light, light and semi-weight duty models. In this way, we can meet your expectations both in terms of load resistance qualities and in the price control for your packaging budget. By intelligently reducing the quantity of material in particular places, we obtain the same qualities by lowering the price. This is what we call MyPalletsOnline Design. We manufacture to order or deliver from stock according to the model and characteristics you require. Depending on the quantities you need, we can mark your pallets with your logo or a unique identifier. Our design office can realize with your logistic, storage and handling constraints, the pallet which will suit you the best.

See the different choices of 80X120 pallets

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Our range of pallets Wood 80X120 cm

Very light duty one way pallet with 3 runner in support and 5 boards on the tray, resists up to 250kg,
Light weight duty with 3 skids and 5 boards, strength up to 300kg,
Semi heavy duty wooden pallet with reduced slats, 3 runner and 5 boards on the tray. It supports up to 500 kg evenly distributed load,
Europallet (EPAL), the standard and the most used in Continental Europe. This pallet is produced according to strict standards drafted by the EPAL association and UIC. It resists up to 1250kg dynamically and with a uniformly distributed load.

Packaging of wooden pallets euro size 80X120cm

We adapt to your requests and can on all our models as well as those that we can design for you, prepare and package according to your need. Crossed pallets (nested) or stacked on top of each other for automatic unstacking.

In the same way, we adapt the height of the number of pallets per stack if you have constraints for the passage in unloading dock or under doors of your factories or warehouses.

Why our wooden pallets are not self-service ?

To be always closer to you, we produce in the best conditions and at the best price. This is why we systematically carry out a complete study of your needs taking into account your location, quantities and also logistical and quality criteria. For the same 80X120 external format, the requests can be totally different from one customer to another. Some need pallets to be "white", the pharmaceutical industry, others need to export their products so we dry their pallets to avoid the appearance of blue stain, mold or fungi during shipping.

Each customer is unique and we strive to provide the most reliable solutions at the best prices.

Similar products

MyPalletsOnline is the specialist for handling pallets and that is why we can offer you alternative solutions adapted to your needs.

In our range of pallet, dimensions 80X120 we also offer:

- moulded wooden pallets, very light, new and compliant with the ISPM15 standard,

- Plastic pallets,

- Ultra-light cardboard pallets,

- Used wooden pallets.


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