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Bulk Bag for Construction and Raw Materials

MyPalletsOnline opens its complete online range of Bulk bag and PP bags dedicated to the world of construction & related materials.

We present you the widest choice of model. All adapted to your building trades, and also for the storage and transport of building materials such as sand, gravel, pebbles and other aggregates.

From the most classic Bulk Bags to the most technical, more than 30 different models make up our Construction range. We have also selected products allowing the storage of construction rubble and waste or filtering for water treatment. If we don't have the product you need, we make it for you.

How to select your bag ?

We have added on our page many criteria to allow you easily either to find the model you are already using or to select those that will correspond to your future use. These criteria are multiple and will allow you to refine or broaden your selection by choosing several characteristics in the same criterion.

Our search filter is directly interactive, with each selection, it very quickly selects your product. To learn more about a product, simply click on the picture or details and you enter directly into the page where many technical indications are presented to you.

What you need to know first and foremost are the materials, weight or volume and the use you want to make of them. It can easily contain several hundred kilos, make sure you have the right handling equipment.

Visually, all the drawings in our big bag include:

Dimensions width X depth X height

The pictograms of capacity m3, resistance and equivalence in volume litres
When our bulk bags have filling skirts, filling ducts or emptying ducts, a second photo drawing shows the dimensions of these elements.

The different types

We offer you different types of Jumbo Bags:

The Classic models most used 4 lifting straps with total opening and closed flat bottom and several capacities ¼ 0.25 m3, ½ 0.5m3, ¾ 0.75 m3, 1 m3, 1.25 m3, 1.5 m3 as well as resistances from 500kg up to 2 Tons
The most specific canvas, laminated and non-laminated, with filling skirt or chute as well as drain ducts.
The models sewn on a canvas in circular removing the seams of Angles
The regulated models for your asbestos waste, totally waterproof, with or without leak-proof seams.

Characteristics of empty Bulk bag for Construction & Raw material

Width and depth

We propose you the widest range of Bulk bags for the construction and building raw material, All our bags are identified by the couple Width X depth (ex: 90 X 90) in our criteria in order to facilitate your research


Because we are Specialists in PP and Bulk bags adapted to construction trades, we have chosen to disconnect, for you, the height as a criterion of the dimensions of the base. Indeed, for many of you, height is more important than base (width and depth). This way you can select this criterion as being the most important for you and you will have direct access to all the basic dimensions as well as their resistances and capacities.

What is Volume ?

The volume is used to evaluate the theoretical capacity of your bag. Normal manufacturing tolerances can increase or decrease the filling volume by a few percent. If you load your bag with a homogeneous material such as sand, the volume (associated with resistance) is a good measure of use. On the other hand, for the storage of rubble or construction waste, their multiple shapes and dimensions will naturally create spaces (gaps) between them reducing the volumetric loading capacity.

Definition of the safety weight Load

The safety resistance indicates the maximum weight (SWL) beyond which the Bulk Bag is no longer suitable and guaranteed for the load subjected. There is a safety factor for calculating the maximum resistances but we strongly advise against loading your Big Bag beyond the weight limit indicated on each product page and on the safety labels sewn inside.

What is the Grammage ?

The weight is the thickness of the fabric measured in gr/m². The heavier the grammage, the thicker it is. A greater thickness increases the resistance capacity by weight and allows the bag to be qualified as reusable (class SF 6/1). On the contrary, the more standard thicknesses are classified SF 5/1, single use.

Similarly, the greater the thickness, the greater the resistance to shocks, sharp or heavy materials.

The different lifting points and type of loops

For your activities, we have selected bags with 4 classic straps, sewn in the corners and also 4 straps sewn on either side of the corners called cross or cross-corner.

Personalization & Customization of your bulk bag

We can personalize your own  (with a minimum quantity) by adding on 1, 2 or 4 sides your logo or your printed visual identity.

Similarly, we can also print your company name as well as your contact details or website address on the security label sewn inside each bag.

These examples are not exhaustive, we can also customize from A to Z your Big Bag by using color thread for all seams and also select a specific color for straps. We have a range of over 20 standard colours available and can also customise up to the use of your own RAL colour code.

Impact on the Environment

Our PP sacks and Bulk Bags are 100% recyclable in suitable dedicated network to PP laminated or non-laminated plastic.

Conditions of use

Storage conditions

Empty Bags can be stored outdoors even for an extended period of time provided it is protected and the weather (rain, hail, sun) cannot be in direct contact.

However, we advise and prefer storage indoors and away from the sun's rays to avoid alterations due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The safety labels sewn inside our bags present and remind the uses and best practices.

Handling conditions

Equipped with 4 standard or crossed loops (cross-corner loops) you can handle them by inserting the carriage forks in its 4 lifting points.

Once loaded, you can also place it on a handling pallet of appropriate dimensions for storage and shipping.

For example, when used frequently, the bulk bag container, filled and placed on a pallet, can be racked directly.

Or the 3 or 5 skids (runner) stacking system allows you to stack safely.

We can advise you and study for you the pallets best adapted to your need according to your constraints of logistics and storage.

General and Precautions for use

When handling by hand, we strongly advise you to wear suitable safety gloves. Keep out of reach of children. These bags can be used for packaging and product and waste packaging.

In addition, our experts are at your disposal to advise you and offer you the best selection by email or telephone.


Our bulk bags are manufactured according to strict quality criteria using controlled and high quality raw materials.

Sampling tests are carried out to ensure sustainable use and use in accordance with specifications. The lifting points and seams are also checked by loading and tensioning.


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