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Some news ... MyPalletsOnline launches its range of woven canvas bulk bags (PP)

Published : 01/14/2022 17:02:49
Categories : Bulk Bag & Waste bags

Some news ... MyPalletsOnline launches its range of woven canvas bulk bags (PP)

What is a polypropylene woven bag (pp)?

We are not going to hide, polypropylene is a derivative of plastic. However, this is not the material that makes up the famous bags that are banned from your supermarkets (these are made of PE).

Our Bulk Packaging Bags are authorized and ... Reusable and also Recyclable.

Polypropylene woven bags are made from a fabric made of crossed "threads". This construction allows, with the intrinsic properties of PP, to obtain a very strong resistance for a very light weight. This is the same material that is used to manufacture Bulk Bags.

The fabric woven in this way has very high tear strength characteristics, and some people use the term "tear-proof" to describe the fabric. However, this property will not be effective if the fabric is pushed in or cut with blunt tools, for example.

Our range of woven bags for packaging and transporting bulk goods

We have put together a complete range that can meet all your needs, both in terms of size, color, and also in different models.

Classic Woven PP Bags

We offer you a wide choice of more than 15 models, starting at 0.38 £ / bag.

From a dimensional point of view, the 35X50 size is the smallest and the 110X150 the largest in our range.

Between these two extremes, you can progressively find wider and higher bags to fit your need for capacity.

And also a range of coloured bags: blue, greenyellow

Bags with side gussets

We have two of the most commonly used sizes available, the 38 X 80 with 6+6 gussets and the 34X85 with 5+5 (or +6+6) gussets.

For size 34X85 with gussets of 6+6, we have made them with the inside of the gussets in blueyellow and green.

Bags with PE inner lining

The inner liner (made of PE) provides a better seal (not for liquids) for flours, fine ground products or jellies.

We have put together a range of 4 sizes: 45X85, 55X10060X105 and 70X122.


Our range of reusable PE covers to protect your pallets and Bulk Bags

In this category you can find our reusable protective covers

- Transparent with two heights available 250 cm and higher in 300 cm

- Blue opaque with the same two heights 250 and 300 cm

With a 100 X 120 base, our covers will fit all your 800X1200, 760X1140, 1140X1140 and 1000X1200 size pallets perfectly.

We also offer these different types of pallets on our site, in presswood, in new wood and reconditioned.

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