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Features Moulded Wood Pallet Square Size 800X800

"Moulded pallets" square format 800X800 mm. Specific size to be adapted to the size of your cardboards and optimize your transport costs, especially air or courier. They come from Palette 800X1200 that we cut to the right size. With 6 studs, stability on the ground is guaranteed.

We present you the most used model because of its 900 kg resistance. On request, we can offer you cheaper alternatives with a resistance of 600, 400 or 250 kg.

These "moulded wooden pallets" are stackable and nestable, allowing an optimized storage up to 150 units for a height of less than 6 meters.

They are dry (+/- 10%) and ISPM15 approved. Moulded pallets can be exported very easily without running the risk of being held back or blocked at customs

Our pallet manufacturers are inspected annually and are PEFC approved.

Easy handling whether with a stacker, pallet truck or forklift truck on all 4 sides. The introduction of the forks is easier and without having to force with the pallet truck or stacker by the absence of soles on all sides.

Packaging of Presswood Pallets 80X80

The pallets are stacked in stacks of 50 at the end of production.

Conditions of use

Storage Condition

We advise you to store empty moulded pallet stacks indoors or under shelters. however, if you cannot store indoors, we offer you the addition of an extra layer of protection. thus covered from top to bottom your pallet stacks remain protected from the elements and retain all their properties for a long time.

Environmental Impact

Moulded wood pallets are 100% recyclable and Bio-Degradable and can go back into a complete reconditioning cycle and be used either for the design of new wood composite products or be used in bio-mass to produce energy. They are a real ecological alternative and contribute to the circular economy.

Our factories are PEFC certified, which guarantees the origin of the wood raw material. This certification also guarantees the preservation of natural ecosystems.

Moulded wood pallets do not take more wood from the forest. Manufacturing is based on related sawmill products (wood chips) and recycling economy (wood shredding). The use of these materials directly available allows to keep the carbon capture longer.


The manufacture of pallets follows a very rigorous quality control process. From the receipt of the raw material to the finished product, sampling and quality tests are carried out at the various stages of production. Pallets that do not meet quality standards due to their varying weight and strength characteristics are systematically discarded. They are then crushed and the recovered raw material can be used again in the production of a new pallet.

The monobloc structure, i.e. the production in one piece, under thermo-moulding, gives the moulded pallet a better solidity while remaining lighter. It also has more precise dimensions, which it keeps even in very humid environments.

In addition, they are accepted as food packaging and sanitary approved. As with wood packaging in general, it is not recommended to apply any food directly without protection and packaging or additional support.

How are 80X80 moulded pallets made ?

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