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Collar for Wooden Pallet

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What are the uses of wooden pallet collars?

The main function of a wooden pallet collar is to transform a simple wooden pallet (also plastic or moulded wood) into a crate for internal storage purposes and also for transport and delivery to your customers. The principle is quite simple and valid regardless of the size. You unfold the collar and place it on the pallet with the same dimensions. The collar then rests on the top (the tray) of the pallet and provides you with a secure volume like a crate. Collars for pallets are fitted with 4 or 6 hinges, depending on the model. They allow the extension to be folded/unfolded and also, thanks to their 4 corner lugs, to be wedged along the pallet's studs. These lugs serve to stabilise the extension by embedding it. Collars can be stacked on top of each other, which proportionally increases the useful volume of the box and rationalises your storage and/or deliveries. The standard height of the extensions is 20 cm (the height of the side board excluding hinges and lugs). We recommend stacking a maximum of 5 collars to a maximum height of 1 metre. The reason for this is that the loads stored inside the sill are generally not secured to either the pallet or the sill. This potential lack of support generates a high risk of load displacement during handling by forklift. This is especially the case if your forklift operator lifts and moves with inclined forks.

Another frequent use of pallet collars is to transport your semi-finished products, e.g. in your company's internal circuit, from one production station to another production station.

Our different sizes


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The different collar sizes

The most commonly used sizes are 600X800800X1200 and 1000X1200 mm.

The first two dimensions are the dimensions associated with the most commonly used pallets in Europe, i.e. the ½ pallet and the Europe pallet for trade.

The 100X120 collar size is mainly used in industry and in the UK.


We also produce other standard sizes such as 400X600, 1100X1300, 1140X1140 and 760X1140 (suitable for CP pallets, e.g. chemical industry).

For more specific needs, we produce custom-made products up to 2000 X 1000


Useful accessories for pallet collars

We offer you two types of accessories for each size.

- The lids, with internal support boards for wedging, will allow you to completely close the top of the collar. 

- Dividers, which can be used to add internal partitions to the extension and create storage compartments. There are dividers for length and also for width. This way you can create your own dimensions and the number of storage compartments you need.


ISPM15 Treatment and Export Compliance

All our wooden pallet collars are export compliant and therefore ISPM15 compliant.

Our wooden boards are planed, treated and dried.

The IPPC compliance logos are also present on the boards, making it possible to visually check for approval when passing through customs.

ISPM15 treatment is not mandatory in the Euro zone.

Following the "Brexit", from now on ISPM15 compliance for your shipments to the United Kingdom has become mandatory again since 01 January 2021.


Quality of wooden pallet collars

In order to meet all qualitative needs and requirements, we offer three categories of collars.


- In 1st quality, consisting of a single board of 200 mm with 1st quality wood recognisable by the weak and very small knots,

- In intermediate quality consisting of 2 boards (2 X 100, or 150 + 50) with 1st quality wood,

- In standard quality, consisting of 2 boards (2 X 100, or 150 + 50) with standard quality wood with visible knots attached to the wood.

Whatever the level of quality chosen, the criteria of longevity and resistance are identical.

All hinges with lugs are made of galvanised steel for durability over time.


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