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By Marie F. (Port Saint Louis du Rhône, France) on 14 Dec. 2023 :


Product rated : Quarter PressWood Pallet 400X600 Loads 250 Kg Parfait, qualité, quantité...

By Walter B. (Wien, Österreich) on 19 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : Bulk Bag weakproof for Powder & Dust 90X90X120 1500kg Leider 1 - da luftdicht bei...

By Christelle B. (Donchery, France) on 17 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : Used Wooden Pallet 800 X 1200 EPAL Grade A j'ai essayé pour tester un...

By DOMINIQUE B. (SARRIANS, France) on 13 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : Perimeter Plastic Pallet 1000X1200 5 Runners Full Deck impleccable, commande...

By arnaud C. (ST GILLES CROIX DE VIE, France) on 13 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : 1/2 Plastic Pallet 600X800 Light Open Deck Pas de soucis pour passer...

Agricultural Plastic Boxes

There are 15 products.

What can recycled plastic agricultural crates be used for?

Recycled plastic agricultural crates are used to harvest fruit, vegetables and other crops. They offer a practical solution for collecting harvested produce and transporting it easily to storage or processing areas.

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For collecting and harvesting agricultural produce

Recycled plastic agricultural crates are a practical and efficient way of collecting harvested produce. They are strong and durable, making them ideal for transporting fragile crops without damaging them. Our crates include alternatives such as perforated bottoms for draining liquids, or corrugated bottoms to stabilise the fruit and prevent bumping and damage during collection and transport.

For transport

Plastic crates offer a more practical transport solution for agricultural produce. They are designed to make loading and unloading easier for trucks, forklifts and other handling equipment. The crates are often stackable, which saves space during transport and maximises logistical efficiency.

For storage and warehousing

They are used to store agricultural products in warehouses and processing facilities. Recycled plastic also offers protection against moisture, pests and temperature variations, helping to preserve product quality during storage.

A design that allows aeration and ventilation

Our crates have perforated and perforated walls to allow good ventilation and aeration of agricultural produce. This is particularly important for fresh fruit and vegetables, which require adequate air circulation to prevent deterioration due to moisture build-up. Ventilation also helps prevent the formation of mould or rot.

Some of our crates also have perforated bottoms for draining liquids and/or corrugated bottoms for greater product stability.

Suitable for reuse

Our recycled plastic crates are made from recycled HDPE or PP materials. They are strong and lightweight. Our crates are produced to be reused, which reduces waste and handling, transport and packaging costs. Our crates can be washed and disinfected, so they can be reused for different harvests  or agricultural activities, making them an economical and ecological solution in the long term.


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