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By cédric B. (Jouy en pithiverais, France) on 01 Aug. 2023 :


Product rated : Bulk Bag Agriculture - Enrichment 96X96X150 1500 kg Très bon produit , délais...

By Mauro P. (Casacalenda , Italia) on 25 July 2023 :


Product rated : Bulk Bag Agricultural Seeds 90X90X200 1250kg Tutto perfetto ottimo...

By J-Michel F. (Puydaniel, France) on 17 July 2023 :


Product rated : Bulk Bag for grains & Food for Animals 100X100X150 1500kg Super résistant et pratique

By santiago L. (Morentin, España) on 09 July 2023 :


Product rated : Bulk Bag Agriculture filling skirt 95X95X135 1250 kg Soy Santiago, al principio...

By Olivier C. (Sauvian, France) on 25 June 2023 :


Product rated : Bulk Bag Fully leakproof 500 liters 77X77X90 1000 kg Bon rapport qualité/prix

Plastic Boxes for Picking

There are 12 products.

What are plastic picking crates?

Plastic picking crates are plastic containers designed to store and transport products and goods in a picking environment. They are used in a variety of sectors, including logistics, e-commerce and distribution.

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How are they made?

These crates are usually made from high quality plastic, which makes them resistant to impact, scratches and extreme temperatures. They can be stacked on top of each other to save space and are often fitted with ergonomic handles for easy handling.

How are they used?

Plastic picking crates are often used to store products such as automotive parts, medical supplies, food products, electronics, toys and clothing. They are also used for sorting, picking and delivering products, and for organising warehouses and distribution centres.

They are needed in many different sectors because of their versatility and durability. Here are some examples of sectors where these crates are commonly used:

Logistics and transport: Plastic crates are widely used in the logistics and transport industry for storage and handling of products. They are used to transport finished goods to distribution centres, for stock management and for sorting and delivering products.

E-commerce: They are also used in the e-commerce sector, where companies need to store and ship large quantities of products. Plastic boxes are useful for sorting products, storing them in warehouses and facilitating the picking process.

Health and care: Used in the health and care sector to store medical supplies, medicines and medical equipment. Plastic crates are also used in hospitals, clinics and care centres to store and transport supplies and equipment.

Food industry: Plastic crates are used in the food industry to store and transport food products. They are widely also used in food storage warehouses and distribution centres, for order picking and for the delivery of fresh produce.

Manufacturing industry: They are used in the manufacturing industry to store parts and components, to transport finished products and to organise stocks of raw materials. Plastic bins are useful for inventory management and to facilitate the production process.

In short, plastic picking Crates are a versatile and essential tool for many different industries, as they allow products and goods to be stored, transported and organised efficiently.


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