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How are presswood pallets made ?

Published : 12/11/2022 08:20:35
Categories : Presswood pallet

How are presswood pallets made ?

What is a PressWood Pallet ?

Moulded Wood Pallets are produced from a mixture of Natural Wood chips.
Mainly made from so-called "resinous" trees (pine, fir, ecipéa...), the chips come directly from sawmills after sawing the logs or from the wood recycling industry.

Wood chips classified in the "related" category are thus processed for sustainable use. In particular, this allows carbon (CO2) to be retained in the moulded pallets.

How are presswood pallets made?

The wood chips pass through a hammer mill to separate them into smaller pieces and then through a sieve to size them.
They are then dried at a temperature above 250°.
Combined with a binder-glue additive, the wood chips are baked under pressure in a monobloc mould for about 3 minutes at 200°.
The final step in the manufacture of moulded pallets consists of natural cooling. Consequently, the pallets obtain the structural cohesion allowing them to support loads equivalent to the Epal wooden pallet (palEurope).

Conformity & Approval of the presswood pallet

The "moulded wood pallet" is:
- Naturally dry, approx. 10% residual moisture

- ISPM15 compliant (approved for international shipments including USA, China, Australia, Japan, etc)

- PEFC certified

It is exported very easily and without risk of mould or appearance of mushrooms during the expeditions in container.
The presswood pallet does not risk being blocked in customs transit during shipments by Air Freight or other transport ways

At the end of life

The moulded wood pallet is recycled and is a real ecological alternative and contributor to the circular economy. Due to their composition, they are also biodegradable.

The Advantages


In comparison, moulded wooden pallets are cheaper than all other materials for an equivalent size and mechanical strength.


They are naturally dry and therefore lighter. Up to 4 times less than a traditional wooden pallet.

They are easier for crews to handle during handling operations, such as order picking. They help reduce MSD hazards for your teams.

Security and safety Handling

PressWood pallets contain neither nails nor screws, they can be handled safely thus reinforcing safety at work.

Saves storage space

They can be nested and save up to 66% space compared to pallets that cannot be nested.

Dimensional accuracy

Unlike traditional pallets, moulded wooden pallets are not sensitive to temperature differences or humidity in the air.

Its dimensions are therefore not affected by swelling or shrinkage phenomena.

The Disadvantages

Moulded pallets cannot move directly on roller conveyors without intermediate flat bars, whereas they are easily transportable on all mechanized belt conveyors.

They cannot be "racked" directly on the lices but with a support grating which reinforces even more the safety of your products stored in warehouse.

Special size for Sea Container

The dimensions 760 X 1140 and 1140 X 1140 optimize the loading of your 20'' and 40'' containers.

50% load factor: For example, you can load 30 760 X 1140 moulded wooden pallets, stacked in a 20'' container for only 20 standard size 80 X 120 pallets.

To follow To follow very soon on our Blog, a detailed post, on the earnings related to shipments by Container

idea You can also find on each of our "product" pages, the detailed technical data sheets of our moulded pallets.


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Ella Starr

05/24/2021 22:12:39

Thank you for talking about Presswood pallets, and how they save storage space. I am thinking of starting a small business this summer and would need pallets. I will find a reputable company that does pallets in my area.

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