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By Christelle B. (Donchery, France) on 17 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : Used Wooden Pallet 800 X 1200 EPAL Grade A j'ai essayé pour tester un...

By DOMINIQUE B. (SARRIANS, France) on 13 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : Perimeter Plastic Pallet 1000X1200 5 Runners Full Deck impleccable, commande...

By arnaud C. (ST GILLES CROIX DE VIE, France) on 13 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : 1/2 Plastic Pallet 600X800 Light Open Deck Pas de soucis pour passer...

By Matthias B. (Baden-Württemberg - Hohenstein, Deutchland) on 12 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : Bulk Bag Food agreement, filling skirt 91X91X140 1000kg Volle Punktzahl Gute...

By Franck F. (Ville sous Anjou, France) on 09 Nov. 2023 :


Product rated : Nestable Plastic box 400x600 22L Perforated bottom & sides Très bien, impeccable, je...

Plastic Crates Poultry

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What are poultry drawers and crates used for?

For transport

Poultry drawers and crates are used to transport live poultry from one place to another, whether within the farm or on the move to a slaughterhouse, market or other facility. They provide a specific space where poultry can be safely placed to avoid injury and stress during transport.

For storage

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For storage

Poultry drawers and crates are used for the temporary storage of poultry. On poultry farms, for example, they can be used to separate poultry according to age, size or state of health. They provide a controlled and secure environment for poultry, enabling farmers to better manage their livestock.

For Separation and Sorting

Poultry drawers and crates are used to separate and sort poultry according to different criteria. For example, when it is necessary to separate male chickens from females, or to sort poultry according to weight or state of health. Drawers and crates offer separate compartments or sections to facilitate this operation.

For Protection and Containment

Poultry drawers and crates provide temporary protection and containment for poultry. For example, when it is necessary to keep a bird isolated for medical reasons or to prevent mixing with other animals. They provide a restricted space where poultry can be safely contained.

They are tools used in poultry farming to facilitate the transport, storage, separation and protection of live poultry. They help to ensure the well-being and safety of poultry, while facilitating farm management operations.


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