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What's a BULK BAG and 1 Ton Bag ?

A Bulk bag is a bag adapted to heavy and bulky loads. Very resistant it is made from polypropylene (PP) fabric. The Big Bag is commonly called FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container)  or Jumbo Bag.

Unlike wooden or plastic crates and containers, the Bulk Bag is made of flexible fabric which gives it very important packaging properties. The logistical and transport savings are immeasurable. A standard empty big bag will only measure a few tens of centimetres, unlike a crate or container whose storage volume will be equivalent to its capacity volume.

The main types

The UPanel Bulk bag Classic

Its construction, mode of manufacture, is called classic. From a bottom (rectangle or square), the 4 sides (walls), are sewn, to constitute the body of the Bulk Bag.

All types of filling and emptying can be adapted to the Big Bag Upanel as well as the types of lifting straps angled or straight.

The Circular

It takes its name from its construction from 2 elements, the bottom and 1 single wall. It is sewn only from the bottom and has no vertical corner seams. The straps are added mainly in straight lines with seams and reinforcement bands allowing high load resistance.

The Circular can be adapted with a Skirt or filling chute as well as a discharge chute. For sealing needs a free or sewn inner bag can be added doubling the protection.

The Qbag

It's the latest born. Its construction has been designed to avoid "belly" effects on the sides when filling. Initially, it is made like the UPanel Bulk Bag Classic. Rigid walls are then sewn vertically inside it to reinforce its rigidity. During filling, the walls of the Qbag do not deform, thus avoiding the stomach effect. The Qbag can be very useful during transport in containers or in trucks, the verticality of its walls makes it possible to optimize the loading rates, or even to eliminate the pallet handling support.

Body bags and Asbestos Bulk bags

These two types are used for the containment and transport (ADR) of products containing asbestos and asbestos fibre, everite, fibro-cement plate, soiled rubble...

The use of containment and hermetic bags for the storage and transport of products containing asbestos.

The BodyBucket with a length of 6.2 meters can cover on all 4 sides a dump body. Once filled, the 4 sides, big enough, fold back in order to close completely the lined bag (Woven fabric outside and lining PE inside), ties ensure the hermetic closing.

Body Bags and container bags are used for asbestos waste such as everite plate, fibro cement plate. We propose you several dimensions according to your sites of depollution, decontamination.

Bulk bag Specifications

The different types of filling

Full open top

Filling skirt

Filling spout

The different types of emptying

Full open bottom

Flat closed bottom

Discharging spout

Types of straps and lifting

Essentially, the bulk bags are differentiated by the number of lifting points to adapt to your uses. One and two lifting points, they are widely used in the agricultural world to adapt to filling stations for fertilizers, fertilizers, or Urea and Ammonitrate.

With 4 lifting points, the uses are infinite and allow handling.

The different types of canvas

There are, mainly, 4 types of canvas:

Non-laminated polypropylene fabric
Laminated polypropylene fabric
Sulzer Canvas
Mosquito Canvas
Big bag bespoke - Our design office

MyPalletsOnline Supplier in the UK and Ireland of Bulk Bag & Builders bag 

We have selected for you the widest range of Bulk Bags and high quality storage bags. Whether for your construction activities, rubble disposal or handling your green waste, our selection of bulk and rubble bags are economical and can be adapted to your needs.

We offer you several sizes and capacities from 0.5 m3 to 2 m3, also resistance from 500kg up to 2 Tons.

Our products are made from laminated and unlaminated PP fabric. They are 100% recyclable in the plastic industry. All dimensions and opening and closing modes as well as the different lifting points.

If you do not find your need, our team will design your own model after studying your specifications.

Range and Sector of Use

We offer you the widest range of Bulk Bags available in stock. We have classified our bags according to sector of use preference to simplify your search. All sectors of activity and use are represented

Bulk Bag for Agriculture and Agricultural products

Discover our wide range adapted to all your crops and crops.

Bulk Bag for Seeds

We offer you a wide range of possibilities for your Bulk Bags adapted to the storage of your seeds, according to the dimensions, the capacity, the resistance. In 1 and 4 lifting points to be as close as possible to your filling stations. You will also be able to find our models equipped with a lining (bag) allowing a maximum tightness in order to preserve with the shelter of the bad weather and the air your seeds.

Bulk Bag for storing Fertilizer

Find the models totally adapted to the storage of fertilizers, Ammonitrates, Urea or still ternary products and fertilizers

Bulk bags for Vegetables and Fruit

We offer you a solution for each of your needs. Depending on your production, we have selected bulk bags with ventilated faces, for good air circulation and to avoid "rotting" or, on the contrary, sealed faces and seams to protect against bad weather.

Our Big Bag solutions with lining further strengthen your crop protection.

Bulk Bag Agri-Food - Feed approved - Food Grade

Our "Food Grade " approved jumbo bags are produced under strict clean room hygiene compliance conditions. They are all individually checked for foreign bodies. They are also subjected to ultraviolet treatment in order to preserve them and guarantee them from any migration until final delivery.

Our plants are ISO 22000 & IFS certified (certificate available on request) and follow the HACCP method as a risk analysis tool on:

- production processes

- storage and logistics processes

A wide range of Solutions, More than 150 items available

For Agriculture

Certified Food Grade & Animal Feed
for Construction and raw material 
for rubble, construction waste, Builders bag Gravel, sand, ...
Sacks for domestic Garden and Do-It-Yourself Wastes

Filter for Water Treatment
Recycling and waste storage
Asbestos and hazardous material classified UN


Bulk Bags are categorized into 3 classes to identify whether they are reusable or single use:

Class SF 5/1 : Bulk Bag single use
Class SF 6/1 : Reusable
Class SF 8/1 : Reusable with high frequency of use

It is important to respect the Big Bag usage classes to ensure your safety. A Bulk Bag of Class 5/1 single use, must not be reused at the risk of significant damage to both your goods and your safety.


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