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PressWood Pallet

There are 21 products.

What is a PressWood Pallet or Moulded Wooden Pallet ?

PressWood Pallets are produced from a mixture of natural wood chips bonded together by a bond during high temperature moulding.
Mainly made from softwood trees (pine, fir, spruce, Douglas fir...), the chips come directly from sawmills after sawing the logs or from the wood recycling industry.
This so-called "related" raw material is used for a more sustainable use, making it possible to maintain carbon capture (CO2) longer, unlike other immediate production uses such as energy, for example.

The PressWood pallets are ISPM15 treated and dry. Fumigation is prohibited in Europe, which is why we cannot speak of a fumigated pallet.

how are they produced?

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How are they made?

The wood chips go through a grinding step to activate fractionation into smaller particles as well as sieving.
They are then dried at a temperature above 250°.
Combined with a binder-type additive, the wood chips are baked under pressure in a monobloc mould for approximately 3 minutes at 200°.
The final manufacturing step consists of natural cooling. As a result, the moulded wood pallet obtains its cohesion allowing it to support loads equivalent to the Epal wood pallet (Europe).
You can find more details on the manufacturing processes by reading our article on The Blog | MyPalletsOnline by clicking here
A complete range of dimensions and strength
Over 15 models that make up a complete range for all your handling pallet needs

1/4 Euro Size 40X60

We offer 2 models with equivalent dimensions and characteristics. Only the moulding pattern on the top of the pallet is different to fit your packages.

- One with a diamond pattern on the overhanging part only, quick access

- One with a double parallel line drawing, quick access

1/3 Euro size 40X80

We present to you the 1/3 of pallet which can be posed by 3 on a europe pallet.

Two models according to the maximum load to carry:

- 500kg, direct access

- 1000kg, direct access

Half Pallet euro Size 60X80

The half pallet in moulded wood, with two maximum loads in dynamic resistance:

- 500kg, see

- 1000kg, see

Dimensions 80X80

One model with a maximum load of 600kg. square size

Euro Size PressWood 80X120

The size 80X120 is the standard format most used in Europe. Depending on your use, we can offer you a complete range of 5 resistance models:

- 250kg

- 400kg

- 600kg

- 900kg

- 1250kg, this model allows to support maximum loads similar to Europe pallets, or exchange pallets

UK Standard Dimension 100X120

The size 100X120 is widely used throughout the industry for larger and heavier packaging. The range manufactured by our factories consists of 3 models :

- 600kg, see

- 900kg, see

- 1250kg, see

Special Sea container

We offer two different sizes, each with two dynamic resistance capabilities:

- 760X1140 900kg, access to product

- 760 X1140 1250kg, access the product, this model has features similar to the CP5 pallet,

- 1140X1140, 900kg, access product

- 1140X1140, 1250kg, access to the product, characteristics comparable to the CP3 pallet,

PressWood Pallet Compliance

Moulded wooden pallets thanks to their manufacturing method are:
Naturally Dry (+/- 12% relative humidity)

Exempt from marking and Complies with ISPM 15 standard (USA, China, Australia, etc. approval)

PEFC certified

Good to know:

It can be exported very easily and without the risk of mould or fungi appearing during long container journeys. Take into account that during a boat trip the temperature and humidity can vary considerably depending on the location of the boat at a given time but also the amplitude in the same day. Even if your wooden pallets have been delivered "dry" (+/- 25% relative humidity), a strong variation in temperature and a greenhouse effect within the container can be favourable to the development of endogenous or exogenous moulds as well as fungi. With the composition and manufacturing method of moulded pallets, this phenomenon has never to our knowledge been encountered even for exogenous contaminations.

Environmental Impact

They are 100% recyclable and can go back into a recycling cycle in their entirety. They are a real ecological alternative and contribute to the circular economy. They are also biodegradable.

Our manufacturers are PEFC certified and guarantee the origin of the raw material. This certification also guarantees the preservation of ecosystems and the economic and rational management of forests. We can provide you with a copy of the approval certificates upon request.

The composition of the moulded wood pallets makes it possible not to take more raw material wood in nature. Its production is based on related sawmill products (wood chips) and recycling economy (wood shredding). The use of these directly available materials makes it possible to preserve carbon capture more durably.

Using Conditions


It is best to store your empty and nested molded pallets in a dry environment. If you cannot keep them out of the weather, we can deliver them in a stack with a polyethylene cover (optional).


We advise you to increase the distance between the forks of trolleys or pallet trucks to a maximum of 56mm. Moreover, as for the handling of all pallets whatever their materials and empty or full, not to knock the forks with the studs. This, depending on the speed of the impact, severely damages the strength and resistance characteristics.

To divide the stacks or take only one pallet per forklift, the forks should be tilted slightly downwards and inserted carefully.

As with all pallets, they should not be rubbed on the ground, which alters the studs. Loaded or empty transport must be carried out with forks lifted.

Do not walk or apply disproportionate pressure on one side or only one part. Dynamic and static resistance calculations are performed and validated for uniformly distributed loads. This means that the load pressure of your products must be distributed proportionally over the entire surface.


Subject to the resistance conditions of a multiple stack, you can store them loaded on top of each other. If your products are for example "soft" bags, we advise you to separate the two stacks by a cardboard or plywood plate.

The Advantages

The Weight

Moulded wooden pallets are naturally dry and therefore lighter, up to 4 times less than a traditional wooden pallet. They are easier for crews to handle during order picking handling operations.

For example the size 80X120 for a resistance of 1250kg will weigh less than 14kg while its wooden equivalent, the European pallet will display more than 30kg on the scale before drying. This resistance weight ratio is similar for all other dimensions.


PressWood pallets contain no nails, screws or splinters and can be handled safely, thus enhancing safety at work.

However, we do recommend that you wear safety gloves when picking up the fish manually.

Their light weight makes it possible to prevent and reduce the risks for your work accident and MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) teams. You also benefit by significantly reducing the absenteeism of your operators.

Saving storage space

They can be nested and save up to 66% space compared to pallets that cannot be nested. You can put them in storage rack under conditions that you have gratings (that we can provide you) or on mother pallet. The support directly on the lices is not possible due to the absence of soles.

Sizes, Dimensions and uses
Our very complete range is the largest choice of the net is made up of all the dimensions and standard sizes declined according to their mechanical resistance to be as close as possible to your real need.

All our moulded pallets are robust and resistant. Thermoforming guarantees a precise tare and dimensions that do not change according to climatic conditions. They naturally withstand negative temperatures and up to 45° celsus.

- Dimension 400 X 600, widely used for displays, POS, e-commerce and air freight.

- Dimension 600 X 800, the half-pallet which can be used with or without mother pallet (80 X 120)

- Size 400 X 800, 1/3 pallet, very practical to optimize and divide your packaging into 3. can be used with or without mother pallet

- Dimension 800 X 1200, the standard packaging and handling format, available in 4 versions from Ultra-Light to Heavy, equivalent to the EPAL pallet. Capable of withstanding loads of 250 kg and up to 1250 kg.

- Dimension 1000 X 1200, the industry standard format, available in 3 versions from light (400kg) to heavy (1250kg).

Prices of PressWood pallets

Our moulded pallets are cheaper to buy and cheaper to use than traditional wooden pallets. Depending on your use you can also make big savings when shipping by air freight or container by sea.

According to your need, you can ask us directly from the product pages for your personalized estimate. We commit ourselves to answer you under a maximum delay of 24h00.

On each page of our articles, you will find an estimate button below the price list on the right of your screen. All you have to do is click and fill in the information and that's it.

For your comfort and peace of mind, telephone numbers are not mandatory.


The manufacture of pallets follows a very rigorous quality control process. From the receipt of the raw material to the finished product, sampling and quality tests are carried out at the various stages of production. Pallets that do not meet quality standards due to their varying weight and strength characteristics are systematically discarded. They are then crushed and the recovered raw material can be used again in the production of a new pallet.

The monobloc structure, i.e. the production in one piece, under thermo-moulding, gives the moulded pallet a better solidity while remaining lighter. It also has more precise dimensions, which it keeps even in very humid environments.

In addition, they are accepted as food packaging and sanitary approved. As with wood packaging in general, it is not recommended to apply any food directly without protection and packaging or additional support.

Container Special - Optimizes your loads

The dimensions 760 X 1140 and 1140 X 1140 optimize the loading of your 20'' and 40'' containers.

50% load factor: For example, you can load 30 760 X 1140 moulded wooden pallets, stacked in a 20'' container while only 20 standard size 80 X 120 pallets.

Our detailed data sheets are available for free download on our pallet pages in English and French. No need to register or login to your account.