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Plastic Pallet

There are 42 products.

What is a Plastic Pallet?

A plastic handling pallet is mainly produced from virgin or Recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) aggregate.

The virgin granules come directly from industry; the recycled ones are sorted, cleaned and then crushed. Traditional recycling circuits operate very strict quality controls, for example, recycled plastic (HDPE) can come from fruit juice bottles or from the corks of your favourite waters.

How are they produced ?

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How are plastic pallets made ?

There are several methods of manufacturing plastic pallets: extrusion, high pressure injection molding or thermoforming.

The most qualitative process is high pressure injection moulding. The plastic granulates are heated and automatically conveyed to high-pressure presses weighing several tons.

After cooling, the plastic pallet obtains the characteristics defined by the mould and the density of the injected material. The advantage of this manufacturing method is that it produces a pallet in one piece, i.e. in one piece.

The essential characteristic of a plastic pallet is the preservation of its dimensions. It is therefore unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity.

Learn more about manufacturing, we wrote a full article on our BLOG

A complete range of plastic and PVC pallets

We have selected the best plastic and PVC pallet products for you. The location of our various manufacturing plants allows us to offer you the best prices and very often more competitive. If you find cheaper, consult us, we will carry out a personalized study and we will optimize the logistic costs according to the location of your company.

Our range is wider than the one we present directly on our website. We can offer you a whole range of coloured plastic pallets (red, yellow, green, blue) as well as a wide choice of plastic pallet boxes, coloured plastic boxes. Simply contact us and we will offer you the best online solution.

You can also select from almost all of our products with or without flanges and different flange heights.

1/4 Plastic Pallet 40X60

The quarter pallet (1/4) is used for your displays, in pallet display or plv. During handling you can associate them by 4 to a mother pallet type 80X120. Lightweight and non-deformable, they are approved for export without requiring ISPM15 certification. Nestable you can easily store them in your warehouses in a minimum of space. We present to you 1 model of construction monobloc for its qualities of robustness and manufacture and 1 model 100% repairable out of PVC.

1/2 Plastic Pallet 60X80

The plastic half-pallet is called half, because of its external dimensions equivalent to half of an 80X120. 6 different models from light to heavy and for use in lost pallet or multi-rotation (multi-use).

Half Pallet Light weight perforated plastic nestable tray

1/2 pallet plastic full nestable tray

Plastic Dusseldorfer

60X80 muti-rotation with openwork tray

1/2 full multi-tray rotating pallet

Repairable PVC half pallet

Plastic Pallet Euro size 80X120

The most widely used dimension is the "standard" format resulting from the creation in the 1950s of the SNCF wooden model allowing exchanges between economic actors across Europe via the railway networks.

Euro Pallet in Plastic Food Grade

Plastic pallet 80X120 very light duty nestable

Open topplastic pallet

Pallet 80X120 solid plastic one-piece construction with 3 skids and rackable

120X80 rounded blocks to reduce breakage during frontal shocks with forks

PVC Pallet Repairable

Plastic Pallet 100X120 Uk Standard

The size 100X120 or 1000X1200mm, is used mainly by the actors of the industry and the drinks (waters, sodas and brewers). This format is also widely used in the agricultural sector to load crates, plastic bins or big bag bags.

We present you 7 models to match your need, the weight in load and the number of sole.

With 3 runner :

100X120 light and nestable, 9-pin perforated tray

100X120 with 3 removable soles

monobloc 1000X1200 3 soles, openwork platform

1000X1200 mm, solid top with 3 soles

With 5 runner called perimetric or framed :

monobloc 1000X1200 perimeter 5 soles, openwork tray

1000X1200 mm, perimetric solid tray with 5 skids

The repairable plastic pallet :

100X120 Repairable PVC with 3 or 5 skids

Plastic PVC Pallet

Dimensions 40X60, 1/4 pallet
Dimensions 60X80, 1/2 pallet
Dimensions 80X120 Pallet format Europe
Dimensions 100X120 Industrial pallet
Custom Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallet compliance

Naturally Dry

Not affected by the ISPM15 standard which is mandatory for wood packaging for export

HDPE Recyclable

It can be exported very easily and without risk of mould or fungus appearance during long container trip.

Environment and End of Life

As with the packaging mentioned above, when the plastic pallet is unusable, it re-enters the recycling circuit to be incorporated into the manufacture of new plastic products.

Benefits and Uses

Weight: Our plastic pallets are lighter than wooden pallets for example. With an equivalent characteristic, the plastic pallet will weigh half as much.
Safety: The recycled HDPE plastic pallet contains no screws or nails.
Space saving: For nestable models, a storage gain of more than 50% compared to pallets that cannot be nested.
Hygiene: The one-piece construction makes the plastic pallet non-porous and waterproof. It is easily washable even under high pressure and is resistant to detergents.
No more risk of falling wood in your warehouses, your laboratories, or in your clean rooms which guarantees a better cleanliness.

Our plastic pallet "special protected environments & hygiene" reinforces these provisions with its tray and its completely smooth soles.

Aesthetics: Our Plastic pallets reinforce the feeling of solidity, durability and cleanliness.

You can download our detailed data sheets directly on each of our "pallets" pages in French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.