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What to do with bulk bag ?

Published : 01/28/2023 12:27:54
Categories : Bulk Bag & Waste bags

What to do with bulk bag ?

What are the main uses of bulk bag?

There are several possible uses for big bags. Below are the main examples, without being totally exhaustive.

For the storage of raw materials or finished products

Bulk bag can be used to store materials such as sand, gravel, aggregates, grain, fertilizers, etc.

For transporting materials

Bulk bag can be used to transport materials such as sand, gravel, aggregates, cereals, fertilizers, etc.

For gardening

Bulk bag can be used to grow vegetables or plants using the grow bag technique.

For waste collection

They can be used for collecting waste or recyclable materials. In sawmills and industries, they recover wood or metal chips directly from the cutting process.

Also, specially designed models are used for the containment of low and medium hazardous materials as well as asbestos.

For filtration

They are also used for simple filtration actions such as the retention of particles larger than 300 - 350µ. In a more technical way, the filtration can be refined up to 80, even 60µ. But be careful, the finer the filtration, the longer the filtration time. It is therefore important to calculate the filling speed vs. the evacuation speed to avoid overflowing.

Other uses

There are other possible uses for bulk bags, such as the construction of retaining walls, the creation of water basins, the creation of embankments, etc.

In the same way, bulk bag filled with sand can be used "temporarily" as dikes, especially on beaches, to slow down erosion. However, FIBCs (large flexible bulk containers) are sensitive to ultraviolet rays.

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