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Product rated : Bulk Bag Sand, Rubble 90X90X110 1500kg Correspond à nos attentes...

By HUGUES D. (BILLERE, France) on 27 July 2022 :


Product rated : Asbestos Sheet Bag 160X110X50 for Fiber Cement roof sheet 1 Ton Bon produit, conforme pour...

By Cédric H. (CHATEAUNEUF DU RHONE, France) on 21 July 2022 :


Product rated : Rubble bags 90X90X110 Loads 1,5 Tons - volume 1m3 Convient parfaitement à nos...

By Laurence C. (Chalmaison, France) on 08 July 2022 :


Product rated : Wooden Pallet CP5 (chemical standard) Très bien livraison plus...

By Christina W. (Kirrweiler, Allemagne) on 05 July 2022 :


Product rated : Cardboard Pallet 400 X 600 X 100 - loads 300 kg - reinforced Tray Die Abwicklung ihrerseits...

Wooden Pallet Bespoke

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    100 % Brand New Design following your wishesAsk us for a free quote   Send us your Drawing or specification  Option ISPM15 and Kiln Dry Based on your needs, our design office will design and optimise your future wooden pallet. We study with you all the criteria and constraints of your supply chain from upstream to downstream and offer you...

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  • PVC Pallet - Bespoke KPBESPOKE

    PVC Material -Washable Easy to repairbuilt it yourselfNo Nails, No SplintersNIMP15 Conformity & Dry CustomizableFollowing your requirement, we create your pallet. We check with you all your constraints for a better supply-chain integration. Ask-us a Free study for a minimum of 40 pallets !

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Custom Wooden Pallet Manufacturing

Our design office designs your custom pallet from A to Z. From the description of your need, we formalize your specifications with the various constraints of your project. Our experts in both pallet and logistics take into account the requirements from upstream to downstream for your customers as well as the specificities of your production and packaging lines. We also attach particular attention to storage conditions both in your units and at your customers.

How and What do we do?

Depending on the nature of your project, we advise you on the methodology and adapt it to your request.

For quantities less than 5000 pallets /year, we study your project by telephone interview. We have developed a tool allowing us to quickly qualify your project in the form of a questionnaire. We formalize and submit the plans and technical characteristics of the project.

For larger quantities, we recommend a prior visit to your site and deploy our methodology with your help. At the end of our visit, a visit report will be systematically issued and communicated. This report constitutes the first stage of the project, including an analysis of the existing system and, above all, our recommendations for optimization and the evaluation of potential savings.

The different phases of the audit

Visit of the site

o Upstream logistics flows (receiving pallets, receiving supplier products)

o Storage conditions for empty pallets

o The different production flows

o Downstream logistics and shipping flows


o Problems encountered

o Procurement patterns

o Kpi's 

The contents of the Visit Report

Synthesis and Optimization Proposal

Graphical presentation of the different flows

Detailed evaluation of optimizations

Proposed action plan and timetable

Graphical presentation of pallet flows

Rather than long speeches and page multiplication of a report, we go to the essentials and present to you in a simple and graphical way the different stages of your flows.

In this way, we concretely identify the Key optimization points.


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