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Reconditioned & used Wooden Pallet

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Handling Used Wooden Pallets What is it ?

Used pallets come from the recycling sector and the circular economy. Each pallet is collected from partners, customers and suppliers, who have themselves received these pallets. They generally cannot reuse them for their own activities so they call on us to collect and recondition them. On receipt at the processing depot, the pallets are unloaded onto distribution areas.

Consequently, qualified operators sort them individually according to:

- the size (1/4 pallet, 1/2 pallet, pallet 80X120, 100X120 etc.)

- characteristics (light, 1/2 heavy, heavy)

- the quality level (very good condition, good condition, to be repaired or destroyed).

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The Used wooden Pallet Choice

Used pallets are classified according to the main size families (see below). This being excepted for the standardized models type Pallet Europe or pallet CP, there are thousands of different models in wooden pallet.

1/4 (quarter euro size) Pallet outer Dimension 400X600

2 ways entry pallet, 

Pallet with blocks, 2 entries, overhanging or grazing

1/2 (half euro size) Pallet dimension 600X800

Wooden pallet with blocks or rafters

Used Dusseldorfer pallet

1/2 Pallet size 600X1000 Industry

This format is widely used in the beverage industry and allows to be presented by 1/2 pallet directly in the store shelving without having to "unload" the pallet of bottles it transports.

Handling Pallet 80X120 the standard size in continental Europe

Light pallet for loads up to 250kg

1/2 heavy pallet for loads up to 750 kg

Heavy Pallet for loads up to 1 ton

EPAL Grade A pallet. The 1st choice is defined by a palette that has been used very little, it is mainly "white".

EPAL pallet Grade B The 2nd choice, is of classic used quality, it and a palette that has already been used several times. rather grey - black color.

Important : The repair of European pallets is subject to membership and approval either by the EPAL (European Association based in Germany) or by the UIC (UIC Pallet, European Railway Association). Depending on the volumes repaired, approved repairers are audited once a month. During this audit, the quality of the repair and also the raw materials are checked and must correspond to the specifications. Note that the nails (steel nails) are standardized. A compliance mark is engraved on the head of the nail.

The pallets 80X120 (not standard) can also be sorted according to the number of boards present on the tray. In this way, if you have packaging requirements, increasing the minimum number of boards will reduce the gap between the boards.

Pallet 100X120 Industry size

Perimeter pallet, with 5 runners

There are several names depending on the region of the 100X120 pallets with 5 skids, such as perimeter pallet, framed pallet, industry pallet, etc.

The size 1000X1200 (mm) is the most used in England with 5 soles and is the standard size with the boards on the 1000 mm side.

On the other hand, the 100X120 format is widely used in continental Europe by industry and beverage producers (water, soft drinks, beer). Originally the boards of the tray were on the 120 side but this pallet was gradually replaced by the English model offering a de facto standardization.

Half-heavy, or heavy.

Pallet 100X120 with 3 skids

Semi-Heavy or heavy.

Used Chemical pallets

All CP (chemical standard) pallets are offered second-hand. They follow the same selection and sorting path as the other dimensions. However, depending on the region, not all models are necessarily available. MyPalletsOnline finds your used pallets in other regions to deliver them to you.

Pallet CP1 dimension 1000X1200 overflowing,

Pallet CP2 dimension 800X1200 overflowing,

CP3 pallet size 1140X1140 overflowing, maritime container pallet,

Pallet CP4 dimension 1300X1100 for heavy loads, bags and big bags packaging,

Pallet CP5 size 760X1140, for sea container,

Pallet CP6size 1000X1200 with double sole,

CP7 pallet size 1100X1300 for heavy platform loads larger than the sole frame,

Pallet CP8 size 1140X1140 with hole instead for IBC,

CP9 pallet size 1140X1140 with double sole.

VMF wooden Pallets

the VMF pallet is the standard pallet designed by glassmakers and glass bottle producers. Its dimensions are 100X120 with an overhanging tray allowing the protective plastic cap to be heat-shrunk welded with the plastic sheet placed on the tray before the bottles are packaged. In this way, the empty glass bottles are protected on all sides by the hermetic cover.

Out of format & specific recycled pallets

You have a specific need in second-hand pallet, a particular format, Our teams will find and propose you the adapted solutions everywhere in France. Just ask us directly on our palette "Palette occasion spécifique" and use our button "devis".

Terms of delivery for used pallets

We adapt to your constraints, we can deliver you in straight pallet stack, in cross-pallet stack, reduce the stack height if your passages at dock or door are lower.

ISPM15 Compliance and Drying

You export your products? ISPM15 treatment is mandatory for all shipments on wood packaging and pallets. We provide you with a certificate for customs clearance.

Important : The ISPM15 treatment does not dry pallets and wooden packaging. To avoid any risk of mould and other aesthetic disorders on your pallets, we strongly advise you to go through an additional drying cycle (read our article).

Conditions of use

Storage conditions

Used wooden pallets do not require special storage conditions. You can store indoors or outdoors according to your quality requirements. However, if mechanical drying has been carried out, it is strongly recommended to store the pallets indoors or sheltered from bad weather to maintain a low humidity level.

When loaded with your products, they can be stored sheltered or outdoors depending entirely on the protection and weather sensitivity of your products.

Handling conditions

New pallets are handled with an electric or manual forklift truck or pallet truck.

The logistic handling of the pallet can be carried out according to the characteristics by 2 sides ( pallets 2 entries) for by the 4 sides (pallets 4 entries).

For manual handling, we strongly recommend the use of suitable gloves and safety shoes. Be sure to comply with the regulations on the wearing of personal protective equipment during manual operation.

Precautions for use

The precautions for use are only associated with your handling conditions and the condition of the soil during transport. If you hit a pallet with the forks of a forklift truck, the forks can seriously damage the structure and alter the load resistance conditions.

When handling by hand, the use of suitable safety gloves is mandatory to prevent splinters and cuts.

Quality of second-hand pallets

Depending on the need, used pallets are repaired by replacing broken parts with either new or reusable parts.

Used pallets that no longer meet the quality requirements during sorting are then excluded.

Classified as non-compliant, they are crushed and follow the energy recycling process.


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