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Used Wooden Pallet 800X1200 Heavy Load




RefurbishedIndividually sorted
4 WaysHeavy load
Optional: ISPM153 Skids

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Product CatégoryPallets
Dimension Category800 X 1200
Information Palette Bois Occasion(*) More details ? Please download our Technical Specification.
Dynamic Resistanceless than 1000kg
Weight Rangemore than 25 kg
Raw materialWood

Used 80X120 Wooden Pallet Packing Heavy Load

Our reconditioning sites can condition delivery according to several pile constitution methods

- In nested pallets, i.e. interwoven with each other to optimise transport costs and the storage area of empty pallets,

- In stacked pallets if you stack your pallets in a destacker for example.

The number of pallets constituting the stack can be adapted to your own needs, especially if you have height constraints for the passage on the platform or under your doors.

On your request, we can offer you a delivery in a trailer truck with a larger quantity.

The dimensional family of perimeter is 800X1200 is a Dimension Euro size Pallet (Euro Pallet).

Shipping Conditions 

Delivery times

As from the validation of your order, the delivery time normally noted of your order is 1 week for quantities lower than 100.

Our Carriers

We select, for you, our transport partners locally or carry them out with our own means to guarantee you both the reliability and the quality of your delivery.

Delivery area

We deliver everywhere in Metropolitan France, Corsica and Europe.

Your geographical location is important, which is why we systematically carry out a "quote" study that we submit to you within 24 hours.

Features Used 80X120 Wooden Pallet Heavy Duty Load

Second-hand pallets come from the reuse sector. All our used 800 X 1200 pallets are individually sorted by operator and either repaired or destroyed. The crushed pallets are used for energy generation and cogeneration.

Due to their reusability, Dimension Palette Epal - Palette Europe wooden pallets cannot maintain the same dynamic and static characteristics as new pallets. Moreover, second-hand pallet batches cannot be homogeneous

ISPM15 Treatment and Moisture Content

The Heavy Recycled Wood Pallet 800X1200 is subject to the ISPM15 Standard for the heat treatment of wood packaging and pallets.

Even if the relative humidity of the 800 X 1200 pallet is lower, compared to a new wooden pallet because of its use, it remains subjected to the ISPM15 treatment. For your container or truck exports over long distances, we advise as a precaution to add mechanical drying of your wooden pallets.

This will avoid the potential inconvenience of contamination by mould or fungus as well as the rising of humidity on your cartons during shipments.

For your exports, we provide you a certificate of conformity of the pallets that we will have been treated in accordance with the standard ISPM15.

Conditions of use

Storage conditions

The Heavy Recycled Wood Pallet 800 X 1200 does not require any special storage conditions. You can store indoors or outdoors.

When loaded with your products, they can be stored sheltered or outdoors depending entirely on the protection and weather sensitivity of your products.

Handling conditions

New pallets are normally handled with an electric or manual forklift truck or pallet truck.

The logistics handling of the pallet can be carried out by its 4 sides.

Precautions for use

The precautions for use are only associated with your handling conditions and the condition of the soil during transport. If you hit a pallet with the forks of a forklift truck, the forks can seriously damage the structure and alter the load resistance conditions.

When handling by hand, the use of suitable safety gloves is mandatory to prevent splinters and cuts.


The Used Wood Pallet 800 X 1200 Heavy, is sorted and repaired by qualified operators. However, due to the diversity of pallet batches we collect, batch homogeneity cannot be 100% guaranteed.

The visual aspect of used pallets can be grey or even black without having any consequences on your use. The greyed and blackened aspects can come from several reasons:

- Previous uses with forklift plugs,

- The natural aging of wood which tends to blacken,

- Extended outdoor storage.

For any request, please indicate our reference[PBO8001200-R-SL].

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