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PressWood Pallet 1000X1000

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Specifications Wooden moulded pallet 1000X1000mm

The 1000X1000 mm format is exclusive to MyPalletsOnline.

You will find 2 models that differ in their capacity to withstand a uniformly distributed load, the Light and the Half-Heavy.

They are directly nestable, which allows them to be stacked up to 120 on top of each other, on only 1m² of floor space with a ceiling limit of less than 4 metres.

The "moulded wood pallets" are totally dry (+/- 10%) and ISPM15 approved. They can circulate freely throughout the world without risk of customs blockage.

They are also PEFC certified.

Easily handled with a pallet truck or forklift on all 4 sides. No need to force with the pallet truck, there is no sole to block the introduction of the forks whatever the side.

See available resistances and storage conditions

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The different models

Exclusively we offer you the 450kg and the 600kg resistance.

Storage conditions

We prefer to store stacks of empty moulded pallets under cover.

However, if you cannot store indoors, we can add a protective cover.

This way, your pallet stacks are protected from the weather and are covered from top to bottom. They will retain all their properties before being used.

How are 1000X1000 moulded pallets made?

Everything on our blog

Need to know more?

Find the technical data sheets on all our "product" pages for free download, no need to create an account

You can also contact us and save time via :

- the 48-hour quote request function.

- by calling us directly on

- or by email

Environmental impact

Presswood pallets are 100% recyclable and biodegradable and can be fully reused in a reconditioning cycle and used either for the design of new composite wood products or as biomass to produce energy. They are a real ecological alternative and contribute to the circular economy.

Our factories are PEFC certified, which guarantees the origin of the wood raw material. This certification also guarantees the preservation of natural ecosystems.

Presswood pallets 1000X1000 mm do not take any more wood from the forests. The manufacturing process is based on sawmill by-products (wood chips) and the recycling economy (wood shredding). The use of these directly available materials allows the carbon capture to be maintained longer.


The manufacture of the pallets follows a very rigorous quality control process. From the receipt of the raw material to the finished product, samples and quality tests are carried out at the various stages of production. Pallets that do not meet the quality standards in terms of both weight and strength characteristics are systematically discarded. They are then crushed and the raw material recovered can be used again in the production of a new pallet.

The one-piece structure, i.e. the production of a single piece under thermo-moulding, gives the moulded pallet greater strength while remaining lighter. It also has more precise dimensions, which it maintains even in very humid environments.

In addition, they are accepted as food packaging and are sanitary approved. As with wood packaging in general, it is not recommended to place any foodstuff directly on the pallet without protection and additional packaging or support.


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