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Plastic 1/2 Pallet (600X800)

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Specifications of Half Plastic Pallet Dimensions 600X800

Discover our wide range of plastic pallets dimension 600X800 (mm). The 1/2 pallet plastic half-pallet is widely used for display pallets. Equipped with a display stand whose lugs can be inserted directly into the slots provided for this purpose, it can be placed and moved easily in all points of sale and stores. At the top of the gondola or on high-traffic sites, its low footprint allows it to slip anywhere and showcase your products. Plastic pallets are dry and not affected by ISPM15 compliant, the 600X800 plastic pallet exports your products to any part of the world without any risk of customs blockage. You do not need a certificate. With 4 entries, you can handle them from all sides. Without soles, the introduction of the forks is greatly facilitated.

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1/2 one-piece plastic pallet

Monobloc construction means that our plastic pallets are produced and moulded in one piece. No parts are added. This manufacturing method allows us to offer lighter pallets that can be nested into one another. We offer three (3) models.

The Ultra-Light plastic half pallet,

1/2 pallet full deck and nestable,

Half pallet model dusseldorfer.

Plastic Half Pallets Assembly

The construction is called assembly because of the production by separate elements and the assembly in the final phase of production. Our assembled plastic half-pallets are produced from 4 main elements, the tray and the 3 soles. This manufacturing method allows us to offer you ultra resistant pallets for intensive and multi-rotation use. We offer two models:

The 1/2 pallet multi-rotation perforated Deck
The half full multi rotation pallet

1/2 repairable PVC plastic pallet

The repairable PVC plastic pallet of dimensions 600X800 (mm) is widely used for the storage of small parts in industry and frequent handling inside storage warehouses.

Its weight is less than 2.5 kg. It supports less than 100kg in dynamic load

It is totally dry and not affected by ISPM15 compliant, the 40X60 plastic pallet exports your products to any part of the world without risk.

With 4 entries, you can handle them from all sides. Without soles, the introduction of the forks is greatly facilitated.

Its biggest advantage is that it is completely repairable. A board, a broken stud? you replace it with ease thanks to our repair kit.

Conditions of use

Storage conditions

You can store plastic pallets indoors or outdoors for a long period of time. However, it is advisable not to leave your plastic pallets outside statically and exposed to the weather for more than 3 months. The alternation of climatic conditions as well as the sensitivity to ultraviolet rays can alter the characteristics of the pallets.

Handling conditions & precautions
As with any object, when handling manually, the use of suitable safety gloves is strongly recommended.

For assisted handling with a pallet truck or forklift, handling precautions are the same as for all types of pallets. movements must be secured and adapted to preserve product quality. Any sudden impact against the pallet anywhere can alter its characteristics.

Environmental impact

Once cleaned and ground, the plastic granulates can again be used to manufacture new products such as bottle caps, watering cans and many other products.

The quality of the 1/2 plastic pallet 60X80

The manufacture of plastic pallets is rigorously controlled. If a pallet does not meet the required requirements, it is discarded and discarded. This will be crushed and the plastic aggregates can be used again in the manufacture of a new pallet.

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