Wooden Pallet CP5 (chemical standard) Expand

Wooden Pallet CP5 (chemical standard)




100 % Brand new   Chemical Industries CP5
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Product CatégoryPallets
Dimension CategoryChemical Pallet or VMF
Wooden Pallet information(*) More details ? Please download our Technical Specification.
Dynamic Resistanceless than 1000kg
Weight Rangemore than 25 kg
Raw materialWood

Packaging Pallet CP5 in Wood 760X1140 optimized for sea Container

Our new pallet manufacturers can package according to your logistic needs:

- in pallet stack Interlocked (nested),

- in a stack of pallets stacked one on top of the other,

- the number of pallets constituting the stack can also be adapted to your own needs, especially if you have height constraints for the passage on the platform or under your doors. The maximum is one delivery per tray with 40 high pallets per stack.

On your request, we can offer you a delivery in a trailer truck with a larger quantity.

The dimensional family of perimeter is 760 X 1140 is a pallet adapted to the container.

New CP5 Pallet Delivery Conditions

Delivery times

As from the validation of your order, the delivery time normally noted of your order is 1 to 2 weeks for quantities lower than 100.

For large quantities (full truck for example), we specifically manufacture your order in wooden pallet 760X1140 X138 - CP5, container

We can also customize and add on your pallets your Logo, or any inscription desired in fire marking on wooden blocks. The delivery time is then generally between 3 and 4 weeks.


We select our transport partners for you to guarantee both the reliability and quality of your delivery. We are also in direct contact with our carriers to always know where your order is.

Delivery Zone

We can deliver anywhere in Metropolitan France, Corsica and Europe.

That is why we systematically carry out an "estimate" study that we submit to you.

Characteristics Pallet CP5 

External dimensions

The outer dimensions of the plastic pallet are 1140 mm long, 760 mm wide and 138 mm high.

It is a pallet with 4 entries, i.e. you can handle your pallet with a forklift truck or a pallet truck by the 4 sides.

Weights and Resistance

It weighs Over 25 Kgs, it resists a dynamic load of 1066 kg and static load of 2790 kg.

Is it nestable? No / No

Is it Rackable? No / No with a maximum load of 1066 kg

Is it Stackable ? Yes / Oui

Composition of the pallet Wood pallet 760X1140 X 138 - CP5
The dimensions below are expressed in mm

             |Length |Width |Thickness |Quantity

Board 1 |1140x100x18x3|

Board 2 |1140x80x18x4|

Stringer |760x100x22x3|

Block    |100x80x80x9|

skid  1 |1140x80x18x2|

skid 2 |1140x100x18x1|

The skylights i.e. the space between the boards of the tray is approximately 23.33 mm. The total theoretical wooden volume of the pallet is 28.83 dm3.

The four corners are cut Yes / Yes and the soles chamfered Yes / Yes

You can find all the details of the characteristics by downloading our specifications under the tab "Technical Data Sheet".

ISPM15 Treatment and Moisture Content

The CP5 is subject to the ISPM15 standard for the heat treatment of wooden packaging and pallets.

The relative humidity of the wood pallet is above 45%. For this reason, we strongly advise you to mechanically dry your pallets for your container or long-distance truck exports.

This will avoid the potential inconvenience of contamination by mould or fungus as well as the rising of humidity on your boxes during deliveries.

For your exports, we provide you a certificate of conformity of the pallets that we will have been treated in accordance with the standard ISPM15.

Conditions of use

Storage conditions

The wooden pallet 760X1140 does not require any special storage conditions. You can store indoors or outdoors.

When loaded with your products, they can be stored sheltered or outdoors depending entirely on the protection and weather sensitivity of your products.

Handling conditions

New pallets are handled with an electric or manual forklift truck or pallet truck.

The logistics handling of the pallet can be carried out by its 4 sides

Precautions for use

The precautions for use are only associated with your handling conditions and the condition of the soil during transport. If you hit a pallet with the forks of a forklift truck, the forks can seriously damage the structure and alter the load resistance conditions.

When handling by hand, the use of suitable safety gloves is mandatory to prevent splinters and cuts.


CP5 Wooden Pallet 760X1140 X138, is produced according to strict quality criteria using sections of softwood (pine, fir, Douglas fir, etc.).

The variability in moisture content of the wood imposes tolerances on the dimensions of +0/-2mm. The tolerances are greater during mechanical drying where the shrinkage of the wood is greater +0/-4mm.

Tolerances are checked on thickness, width and section lengths.

For any request, please indicate our reference [PB7601140138-CP5].

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By (Chalmaison, France) on 08 July 2022 (Wooden Pallet CP5 (chemical standard)) :


Très bien livraison plus rapide que prévue et bonne qualité des palettes neuves.
Bonne première expérience avec un camion complet.
Merci pour votre suivi et l'accompagnement par le service client


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