Bulk Bag Glued lining - 1 lifting point 62,5X62,5X160 600 kg Expand

Bulk Bag Glued lining - 1 lifting point 62,5X62,5X160 600 kg




Max load 600kgFilling volume 0,62m3 (625 liters)
Open TopFlat bottom
1 Reinforced loopNo brand No logo Printed

pictoOK Glued liner in

pictoOK 1 Lifting point

pictoOK Strap 55 cm

Shipping within  Shipping Bulk bag within 48h

European Professionals  Vat Free 

Also Available With free liningSmaller with free liningSmaller with suspended inner liningSmaller with glued lining

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5 9,41 € 47,05 €
10 8,99 € 89,90 €
25 8,20 € 205,00 €
50 7,28 € 364,00 €
100 6,34 € 634,00 €

8,97 €

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Information Bulk BagMore Details ? Download our Technical Sheet
Dimension categoryBig Bag
Dynamic resistanceless than 750kg
Weight rankless than 2.5 kg
Raw materialNot laminated polyprolylene (uncoated)
Volume rank m30.5 m3 - 1/2 m3
Lenght x Width (cm)62.5 X 62.5
Height external (cm)160
Safety weight load (swl)600 kg
Loops typeStandard
Nb of loops1 loop
Charging TypeFull open top
Discharging TypeFlat & closed bottom
Canvas typeStandard
Sewing typeClassic
Bulk Bag typeClassic
Activity sectorAgriculture

Shipping Bulk Bag Glued lining - 1 lifting point 62,5X62,5X160 600kg

Our Aim : Delivering your order within 2 open days whatever the quantity (inf to 1 full pallet) all over Europe. Shipping costs Related to your order (and quantity), are optimized and reduced for giving you the best experience of purchase.

With Our Carriers following quantity order, we can offer you different delivery ways :

- At home or at your office, we trust on Chronopost International.

- From 90 Kg, the conditioning of your bulk bags will be done on a wooden pallet. Specifics carriers, well equipped for unloading at your site and plant, are used.


- Till 30 kg, your order will be prepared in one parcel.

- From 90kg, we prepare and ship your Bulk Bag onto a not consigned wooden pallet

Specifications Bulk Bag Glued lining - 1 lifting point 62,5X62,5X160 600kg

The Base of the Bulk Bag is 100 X 100 cm, with external dimensions as specified here bellow :

- Length 62,5 cm,

- Width 62,5 cm,

- Height 160 cm.

It has 1 Standard Loops, a Full open top and a Flat Closed Bottom . The safety weight load (SWL) must not exceed 600kg. Canvas is in white color (without mark or logos).

Following your request, we can build and personalize your bags :

- Color,

- dimensions

- Put your marks or logos in 1, 2 or 4 faces.

- Loops can have different colors as well as seams.

Just ask us !

ISMP15 Treatment (IPPC regulation) and exportation

Bulk bags are not concerned with the ISPM15 regulation, mandatory for wooden packaging and pallets. You can export your bags all over the World easily without any constraints. For being more secure, If you have to carry them onto a pallet, we suggest to use presswood pallets (presented on our website).

Condition of Use

Storage conditions

Empty bags, base of 62,5 X 62,5 (cm), can be stored outside even for a long period if they are duly protected against weather (rains, Hail, Sun ray, etc.) However, we advise to store your bags inside and protected against ultraviolet. UV can reduce and alter main properties like the resistance.

Handling conditions

With 1 Standard loops, you can manipulate them with a forklift by putting forks in the loops. Once loaded, you can handle them placed on right dimensions pallet For example, a bag placed onto a pallet can be stored on a rack directly. Carrying by hand, we advise to wear adapted gloves.

Do not let children play with them Bulks bags are used for conditioning and storage of products.

Thanks to our fast filter of criteria, you can select easily the bag corresponding with all of your specifications. Moreover, our experts can help you for finding your solution or build specifically yours. For all request, please give us the following reference number [ BBS62,5X62,5X160-1S-600-N-OT-FP-C ]

- Directly by our online Tchat (on all pages at to right bottom)

- Asking us for a free call back (immediately or scheduled)

- With our “request a quote” button available on all our Bulk Bag pages


Our “Bulk Bag Glued lining - 1 lifting point 62,5X62,5X160 600kg” are produced with high quality control. High quality of raw materials are used. A Sample testing, by production batch, is realized in order to guarantee using conformity. Items who do not reach testing phases are destroyed. >h3> Sustainability

Our empty bags are produced from virgin material and can be recycled in the reclycing plastic network.

What is a U-Panel Bags ?

A U-Panel bag is a bag produced from a square or rectangular canvas (Flat Closed Bottom in thid case) where 4 panels are sewn on each side. Then Panels are sewn in right angles forming a U allowing to charge it safely. 4 loops are added on the top directly on the angle or each side sewn on canvas panels.

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By (Armous et Cau, France) on 06 Sept. 2020 (Bulk Bag Glued lining - 1 lifting point 62,5X62,5X160 600 kg) :


Ce big bag est-il disponible sans doublure ?

Merci beaucop pour votre avis.
Le big bag 1 point de levage en 62,5X62,5X160 existe avec une doublure libre, ce qui permet de la retirer si vous n'en n'avez pas besoin.

Quality Manager on 06 Sept. 2020
By (ESTREES LES CRECY, France) on 19 Aug. 2020 (Bulk Bag Glued lining - 1 lifting point 62,5X62,5X160 600 kg) :

Bigvbag 160

Bien satisfait

By (SAINT GERMAIN DE LONGUE CHAUME, France) on 10 Jan. 2020 (Bulk Bag Glued lining - 1 lifting point 62,5X62,5X160 600 kg) :


Aucun de soucis.
Livraison dans les délais et qualité au rendez-vous. Besoin pour du stockage de copeaux métalliques.
Je recommande vivement.


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