Cardboard Pallet 600 X 800 X 100 - loads 600 kg
Cardboard Pallet 600 X 800 X 100 - loads 600 kg
Cardboard Pallet 600 X 800 X 100 - loads 600 kg
Cardboard Pallet 600 X 800 X 100 - loads 600 kg
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Cardboard Pallet 600 X 800 X 100 - loads 300kg

100 % Recycled carboard     Well adpated as Diplay Pallet in shops
100 % Recyclable   Reduce professional risks for your employees 
 ISPM15 conformity   No Nails, No Screws , No Splinters


100 % Recyclable 

Quantity Unit price Total tax excl.
72 € 7.84 € 564.48
144 € 7.26 € 1,045.44
288 € 6.63 € 1,909.44
360 € 5.99 € 2,156.40
Shipping fees
€ 7.84
VAT excluded
€ 9.41

Minimum per order is 72

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Product Catégory
Dimension Category
600 X 800
Cardboard Pallet Information
(*) More details ? Please download our Technical Specification
Dynamic Resistance
less than 750 kg
Weight Range
less than 2.5 kg
Raw material

Terms and Conditions of Delivery  Cardboard Pallet 600 X 800 X 100 - loads 300kg

Delivery costs

We have negotiated for you the cheapest delivery charges for UK and Ireland. You can view the shipping costs directly from our "view shipping costs" button directly on this page.


Delivery times

Our Commitment: to deliver within 10 working days after production and preparation of your order up to a "full" truck load rate.

We systematically produce to order, on the one hand, to avoid storage periods and, on the other hand, to eliminate unnecessary handling that could affect the quality of our products before your delivery.


Packaging  Cardboard Pallet 800 X 1200 X 115-  loads 300kg - reinforced tray

Our recycled cardboard pallets, are packaged, at the end of the production process, per stack of 64 pallets.

The surface area of a stack on the ground is only about 600 X 800 mm then   0,48 m². This small footprint saves a considerable quantity of space in your production units and warehouses.

With a unit weight of   1,80 kg, the total weight of a stack of Cardboard pallets is approximately 115,20 kg and its height is less than 230 cm. 2 stacks of  1/2 palette can be stacked on top of each other.

You must be equipped with a handling machine, fork-lift truck, stacker, pallet truck in working order on your site on the day of delivery to unload pallets.


Specifications  Cardboard Pallet 800 X 1200 X 115-  loads 300kg - reinforced tray

Dimensional and Resistance

Dimension category : 600 X 800 – size 1/2 palette

Length : 800 mm

Width  : 600 mm

Height 100 mm

Weight : +/-   1,80 kg

Recycled Cardboard Pallets are on average twice as light as wood!

Static resistance : 300 kg

Dynamic resistance : 300 kg

Resistance in Rack : 0 kg

Resistances are always expressed as "Uniformly distributed load".

Any other load distribution cannot be guaranteed.


Warehousing and logistics

Rackable : No

Nestable : No

ISMP15 compliance : Yes

Dry : Yes 

Relative humidity level : average +/-  10 %

Fork passage Height: 95 mm

Fork passage Width: 255 mm

Number of floor supports : 2 soles

Number of fork entries: 2 sides


Terms and conditions of use  Cardboard Pallet 800 X 1200 X 115-  loads 300kg - reinforced tray

Handling Conditions

The possible conditions are  handling from 2 sides of the 100% recycled cardboard pallets. This is commonly referred to as a  2 entries pallets.


Storage conditions

It is strongly recommended to store your empty 100% recycled cardboard pallets   (Export compliant pallets) under cover either under a canopy or inside your factory or warehouse.

Even if the cardboard is produced with a characteristic hydrophobic layer, it remains sensitive to both moisture and rain. This is all the more the case if the layer is damaged or torn.

When they are loaded by your products, it is also recommended to store them indoors.

100% recycled Cardboard pallet cannot be stored directly in the rack, no matter how empty or packed your parcels are.

On the other hand, you can easily store them in your shelves with a so-called mother pallet equipped with soles that rest on the rails.


Export and ISPM15 Compliance

Export compliant pallets are fully approved and certified for ISPM15 directly during the manufacturing process. 

Due to the method of production and inert materials, they are accepted by customs in all countries of the world.

On request, we can provide you with the approval certificate for export and can also personalized it according to your shipping destination.


Detailed Technical Data Sheet Downloadable

From the "Technical Data Sheet" tab, you can download the detailed technical data sheet for this product in different languages, product code  [ PC600800100-2 ], without having to register or log in to your account. 


How to Buy Larger Quantities or consult us for your Annual needs?

In case you would like to order large quantities of  Cardbaord 1/2 pallet  (beyond our price list or during annual consultations). We study and send you a personalised study in less than 48 hours.

It's very simple, click on the "free quote" button, fill in the form, and we'll get back to you!

If you prefer a privileged contact, you can reach us by phone at +33 972.624 079 (at no extra cost) or be called quickly using our free "free call back" function.


Quality & Environment

Quality control

Carboard Pallet 800X600,  which loads up to 600 kg in static and  600 kg in dynamic is manufactured according to strict quality criteria using duly controlled and high quality raw materials.

We only manufacture to order in order to maintain optimal quality without storage and excessive handling prior to delivery.

Ecology & Environment

Pallets produced with Recycled Cardboard are derived on the one hand from the circular economy for the part of material coming from recycled wood and on the other hand are 100 % biodegradable


Useful Information - Intra-European VAT

For our European Professional Customers with a VAT-Intracommunity number.

If you inform us of this when you register, the amount of VAT will not be added at the end of your order of  Pallet  80X60 cm. Our terms and conditions will remain prices exclusive of tax with an exemption of intra-European VAT (depending on the case with or without additional transport costs).

For the protection of all our customers, we inform you that we systematically check the validity and existence of the intra-community VAT number when validating an order (number, company and correspondence with the delivery address).

Delivery everywhere in Europe and in the World

In addition to countries directly accessible from online sales, we usually ship anywhere in Europe and worldwide.

Depending on your needs and the desired deadline, we can deliver cardboard pallet  60X80 cm, whatever the quantity, by full truck or by sea container.

A simple request from you, via our "free quote" function and we will formalise your personalised study and reply to you within 24 hours.


Modes of delivery Carrier

We use reputable carriers to ensure tracking and the best quality of service for your delivery (see our delivery terms page).

When ordering you can choose the place of delivery even if it is different from your billing location.

Do you have several delivery sites?

We can set up for you your different delivery locations as well as "model" orders which will be directly accessible at any time from your personal account.

Delivery follow-up

Our teams follow up directly with our carriers and can answer all your requests either by phone, by email or via your account on MyPalletsOnline in the after-sales service section.


Precautions to be taken on delivery

Before signing the delivery note for your  Cardboard 1/2 pallet :

-          Have a handling machine that is in working order.

-          Check the external condition of the pallets

-          Check that the delivery note corresponds to the products delivered and ordered.

Despite all the care we take both in the preparation and the instructions given to the carrier, if you notice any anomaly, we ask you :

-          - to make handwritten and sufficiently detailed reservations on the paper delivery note or on the receiving equipment (which the driver asks you to sign electronically).

-          - To take one or two pictures before the departure of the carrier

-          - Inform us of the complaint incident either via your customer account or by sending us a message to :

Without these indispensable handwritten reservations, we will unfortunately not be able to intervene in a claim.