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PressWood Pallets

Presswood Pallets

Lighter and just as strong as wooden pallets. They're dry, so there's no risk of contaminating your boxes or products.

Moulded wooden pallets are also ideal for exporting your products by sea and air freight.

ISPM15-compliant and PEFC-certified, you can send your products anywhere in the world without any worries.

We offer more than 20 models of moulded wood pallets:

40X6040X8060X8080X8080X120100X120moulded pallets for seacontainer

Plastic Pallets

Our plastic pallets are mainly made from recycled HDPE and are fully recyclable in the appropriate channels.

We have a very wide range of over 50 models in all sizes and strengths:


For applications in cleanrooms and controlled environments, we offer models in sizes 800x1200 and 1000x1200 specifically designed for hygiene.

Plastics Pallets

Cardboard Pallet Feet

Carboard Pallet Feet

Cardboard pallet feet completely replace traditional pallets for your shipments.

Very easy to use!

Stick on the underside of your boxes with its self-adhesive strips. Fill your boxes and ship anywhere in the world, no ISPM15 required

Repairable PVC pallets

Repairable Pallets

Exclusive to MyPalletsOnline, we offer repairable PVC pallets.

They are available in all standard sizes (40X6060X8080X120 and 100X120) or bespoke up to 6 metres long.

Cardboard Pallets

Cardboard Pallets

The lightest honeycomb cardboard pallets on the market, single-use (non-returnable), they are widely used for your displays, point-of-sale advertising, display pallets and as layer pallets when preparing your orders.

They are ideal for your air shipments, or for reducing accidents and work incapacity.

¼ pallet½ pallet80X120100X120, custom made cardboard pallet.

Our design office can also design your customised cardboard pallets.

+ 600

Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags

More than 30 models of Bulk Bag Agricultural are presented to you in food contact. For seeds, fertilisers, and for storing all the products in your sector. With top and/or bottom chutes of different diameters, we've selected the bigbags most commonly used in your various activities.

In this range, Food Grade Bulk Bags can manufactured in special rooms. They are individually checked for foreign bodies by vaccum suction and are subject to metal detection checks.

Here you'll find all the bulk bags for the construction and demolition trades. From 0.25m3 to 2m3 and from the most classic to the most technical. Also your rubble and building waste bags.

A complete range of approved products for transporting asbestos waste and hazardous UN products, including 1m3 big bags, asbestos sheet bags and body asbestos container.

From the 250-litre mini bulk bag to the standard 1 m3 big bag, we offer a range of products designed for private and domestic use.

For your green garden waste or DIY waste, we have the right product to meet your needs.

For recycling waste, whether wood, cardboard, plastic or ferrous, we offer a wide range of solutions, including powder-tight and dust-tight bulk bags.

Vented range for wood storage and wood chips (pellet)

PP Woven Bags

PP Woven Bags

PP woven sacks are used as reusable packaging in a variety of sectors including agriculture, construction, food and manufacturing. They are wear-resistant, lightweight and able to withstand heavy loads.

Side gussets are created by adding extra folds of fabric to the sides of the bag.

Thanks to the gussets, these bags can hold a larger quantity of goods than traditional flat bags.

The side gussets also provide greater stability and ease of filling and emptying the bag.

The presence of an inner lining enhances the bag's strength and durability, giving it an extra layer of protection against tears, leaks and punctures.

This makes the bags more suitable for transporting more sensitive products or those requiring a watertight seal, such as chemicals, frozen foods or liquids.

Pallet and big bag covers are made of polypropylene (PP).

They are specially designed to cover and protect pallets and big bags.

Bulk Bags Holder

Bulk bag Holder

Bulk bag Holder with pallet access consist of a hot-dip galvanized steel structure with vertical posts and a top frame.

They are designed to leave a passage at the bottom of the bag, allowing access to the pallet without removing the bag from the support.

Bulk bag supports for filtration with (or without) drip tray are designed to support bulk bags used in filtration processes, while including a drip tray to collect filtered liquids.

They are widely used in the construction industry to capture concrete laitance at the end of a worksite, for example.

Bulk bag supports are structures specially designed to support and stabilize large bulk bags, commonly known as big bags or FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers).

Reinforced bulk bag Holder are structures specially designed to provide extra stability and strength when handling large bulk bags.

They are reinforced compared with traditional holders to better withstand the loads and stresses imposed by the weight and handling of bulk bags.

New wooden pallets

New Wooden Pallets

We produce all pallet models in new wood, and we also design customized pallets after discussing your production and logistics requirements and constraints.

We present you with detailed technical data sheets as well as drawings and resistances, all standard models, such as the EuroPallet,  CP pallets, or the UK standard as 100X120 with 3 or 5 skids.

See also our optimized models 80X120 and 100X120

Wooden Collars, Lids & Dividers

Wooden Pallet Collar
Wooden Lids for collars
Wooden Dividers for collars

Quickly transform a pallet into a low-cost storage crate.

MyPalletsOnline offers you the most commonly used dimensions in 1st choice wood or standard quality wood, depending on the level of quality you require.

Collar 60X80, 80X120 and 100x120 with 1 board height (200mm), or 2 boards height 

Collar 60x80, 80X120 and 100x120 with 2 boards height standard quality

Standard-quality wood implies the presence of knots, but does not reduce the intrinsic properties of the collars.

To know it !

- At your request, we can supply you with new 1300X1100 wooden collars that fit CP4 and CP7 pallets, for example.

- we produce bespoke collars

Used wooden pallets

Used Wooden Pallets

Our local and regional locations enable us to offer you cheaper pallet delivery solutions.

All sizes and quality levels available, such as 1st or 2nd choice European pallets, CP or VMF pallets, as well as light, half-heavy and heavy pallets.


Euro Norm plastic crates

Euronorm plastic crates

Euro norm plastic crates, also known as Europe crates or Euro norm crates, refer to standardized storage and transport containers used in many industries across Europe. These crates comply with European standards to guarantee compatibility and interchangeability between the various players in the supply chain.

The Euro standard (or Euro Norme) ensures dimensional conformity with European pallets.

Agricultural Plastic Boxes

Agricultural plastic crates

Plastic agricultural crates, also known as harvest crates or agricultural transport crates, are plastic containers specially designed for the storage, handling and transportation of fresh agricultural produce such as fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants, etc.

Plastic pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes (plastic pallet containers) are versatile storage and transport structures that combine the features of a box and a pallet in a single product. They are made of robust plastic, usually polypropylene (PP) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), offering a durable, reusable solution for handling and storing goods.

Our palletboxes are also fully foldable

Nestable Crates

Nestable Plastic Crates

These are stackable boxes for efficient stacking and storage when not in use. They are designed to nest inside each other, reducing the space required for storage and transportation when empty. The nesting rate is 50-80%.

Foldable Crates

Foldable Crates

Also known as collapsible storage bins or collapsible crates, are plastic containers designed to fold and collapsible, considerably reducing their size and bulk when empty.

Wheeled carts

Wheeked Carts

These are mobile structures designed specifically to facilitate the transport and handling of plastic crates and totes in a variety of environments such as warehouses, factories, retail outlets, hospitals, etc. Over 15 models available

Plastic automotive boxes

Plastic boxes for automotive sector

GALIA (Groupement pour l'Amélioration des Liaisons dans l'Industrie Automobile) and ODETTE (Organisation for Data Exchange by Tele Transmission in Europe) are standards and specifications used in the automotive industry for handling and transport containers.

Poultry Boxes & Drawers

Poultry Boxes & Drawers

Poultry transport drawers and crates are suitable for transporting poultry, such as chickens, chicks, turkeys or ducks. They offer a safe and convenient way of moving animals from one place to another, whether within a poultry farm or during other transport operations.

Supplier of Pallets, Bulk Bags & more generally of all storage - handling products (crates, boxes, collar) in the UK & Ireland

MyPalletsOnline is the 1st site specialized in the supply of handling pallets and products associated with storage and handling such as Bulk Bags.

With a range of over 300 products online, we are in 1st place of expertise on handling pallets and flexible Jumbo bags.

Our Commitments :

- Simplify your procurement management (customer web portal and personalized follow-up),

- Ensure a high level of service quality and guarantee your deliveries,

- Control and Guarantee the quality of our products,

- Control your budget and purchase prices on a sustainable basis.

MyPalletsOnline's team

A team driven by passion, cumulating more than 20 years of experience, in storage and handling pallets and in classic Bulk Bags and also the most technical. Our team combines all its know-how to propose and advise you on the best solutions for you.

You thus have the freedom of self-service 7/7 24/24 for the vast majority of our products or ask us for a personalized study, an estimate, and this whatever the product which we sell. We have integrated on each of our pages a "quote" button allowing you very simply to consult us.

Thanks to our network of locations, we are present throughout Europe. This presence enables us to offer you local and regional solutions for new and used wooden pallets and to deliver them within controlled deadlines.

Also the relations with our manufacturing plants allow us to deliver you in optimal conditions of quality and follow-up.

With the exception of new wooden pallets for which we produce to order, all our products are available.

Our Design Office Creates and Optimizes your Pallets & Bulk Bags

Tailor-made service. Our design office, equipped with all the design and strength calculation tools, can design and produce your new wooden, PVC and cardboard pallets. He can check the current use of your handling pallet or crate and suggest optimizations.

The widest range of pallets and bulk bags on the Web !
Each type of material in our range is directly accessible by clicking on each link below (Product Range paragraph) or by passing the mouse over the themes in the menu bar.

For your convenience, we have sorted handling pallets by size range from the smallest to the largest, from quarter pallets to custom pallets and Europe 80X120 pallets.

In each size class, we offer identical models in width and length with alternatives taking into account the load of your packages and determining the mechanical strength factor.

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