Bulk bag  90X90X110 - 4 standard loops - 1,5 Tons - volume 1m3
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Rubble bags 90X90X110 Loads 1,5 Tons - volume 1m3

Max load 1500kg Filling volume 0,89m3 (891 liters)
Open Top Flat bottom
4 Reinforced loops No brand No logo Printed

pictoOK Classic size

pictoOK Transport & Storage Building materials and waste

pictoOK Most used on construction sites

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5 € 9.47 € 47.35
10 € 8.91 € 89.10
25 € 7.68 € 192.00
50 € 6.91 € 345.50
100 € 5.97 € 597.00
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€ 9.47
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Product Catégory
Bulk Bags
Dimension Category
Big Bag & PP Bags
Information Bulk Bag & Plastic Bags
(*) More details ? Please download our Technical Specifications
Dynamic Resistance
less than 1500kg
Weight Range
less than 2.5 kg
Raw material
Not laminated polyprolylene (uncoated)
Volume rank m3
0.75 m3 - 3/4 m3
Lenght x Width (cm)
90 X 90
Height External (cm)
Safety Work Load
1 500 kg
Loops Type
Nb of Loops
4 loops
Charging Type
Full open top
Discharging Type
Flat & closed bottom
Canvas thickness (gr/m²)
Type of Canvas

Big Bag delivery methods rubble 90X90X110 1500kg 1m3

Delivery in 72 hours!

Our commitment : Deliver within 2 days and whatever the quantity in Metropolitan France.

Our delivery charter is available under our heading at the bottom of each page " why our deliveries are reliable ".

Shipping costs

No surprises at the end of your order! Our price conditions for your empty Big Bags allow us to make you benefit from free delivery and packaging costs included in metropolitan France.

In case you are located in Corsica or on another French island, we ask you to consult us beforehand. We will prepare your personalized study according to your location in only 24 hours.

Our shipping methods

Depending on the quantity ordered, we offer several delivery methods.

- At your home or workplace, we entrust delivery to delivery experts such as Chronopost or colissimo.

- You can't pick up at your home or office? We propose you the delivery in relay point and you choose the most practical place for you (weight of each parcel lower than 20kg). The empty Big Bag you are currently looking at under reference "BB9009001100-4S-1500-N" weighs +/- 1.25 kg.

- From a pallet, we entrust the delivery to specialized carriers and according to your request, we foresee a truck equipped with a tailgate of unloading as well as the pallet truck to deliver you where you wish it at home.

- Up to 30 kg, your Big Bags order will be prepared under 1 single parcel.

- From 90kg, we will ship your unlaminated PolyPropylene bags packed on a non-returnable Europe pallet (or equivalent pallet size 80X120).

Features Big Bag rubble 90X90X110 1500kg 1m3

The base of the big bag is 90 X 90 cm, its external dimensions are :

In length of 90 cm,

In width of 90 cm,

And 110 cm high.

It is equipped with 4 standard lifting straps in unlaminated PolyPropylene.

Its loading system, from above, is formed by a Total Opening. The bottom is made of closed flat bottom.

Its safe loading capacity must not exceed 1500 kg. Her Classic Woven Canvas in White (neutral brand)

The neutral mark means that our Big Bags are not marked by any logo or mark.

Indeed, we have decided not to advertise by taking advantage of the sale of our products.

On the other hand, we can, according to your wishes, print your Big Bags with your colors (logos, mark or any other inscription) on 1, 2 or 4 faces, in mono-color or quadri-color.

You can also find all the details of the characteristics by downloading our specifications under the "Technical Data Sheet" tab on your product page (no need to create an account, our documentation is freely available).

ISPM15 Processing and Exports

Big Bags are not covered by the ISPM 15 Standard for the Heat Treatment of Wood Packaging and Pallets.

Conditions of use

Storage conditions

This empty Big Bag 90 X 90 (cm) can be stored outside even for a prolonged period provided that it is protected and that the bad weather (rain, hail, sun) cannot be in direct contact.

However we advise you and privilege the storage in interior, in particular sheltered from the rays of the sun to avoid the alterations due to a too strong exposure to the ultraviolet rays in a prolonged way.

Handling conditions

Equipped with 4 standard straps you can handle it by inserting the carriage forks in its lifting points.

Once loaded, you can also place it on a handling pallet of appropriate dimensions for storage and shipping.

For example, when used frequently, the big bag container, filled and placed on a pallet, can be racked directly.

Or the 3 or 5-soled stacking system allows you to stack safely.

We can advise you and study for you the pallets best adapted to your need according to your constraints of logistics and storage.

General, Precautions and Customization

When handling by hand, we strongly advise you to wear suitable safety gloves. Keep out of reach of children.

These bags can be used for packaging and product packaging. Depending on the type, they can also be used for recycling and filtration.

Thanks to our quick selection function, you can choose, from our main page, your Big Bag according to your criteria and your specific use.

In addition, our experts are at your disposal to advise you and offer you the best selection by email or telephone.

We can also make your own bag. We study with you the essential and desired specifications. We will offer you a fully customized model in terms of dimensions, use, lifting and functional characteristics.

Moreover, our personalization will be able to integrate your elements of graphic charter directly printed on your Big Bag as well as on the support label of manufacture (pictogram of use and safety as well as the coordinates of your company).

For any request, please indicate our reference below

BB9009001100-4S-1500-N and you can contact us :

- Directly via our Online Messaging

- With our immediate or scheduled "free callback" functionality based on your schedule

- With our "quote" form on each page of our products

Quality of our Big Bags

These Big Bags Big Bags - Supports 1500 kg 1m3 - Ventile with drain strap are manufactured according to strict quality criteria using duly controlled raw materials and high quality.

Sampling tests are carried out to ensure sustainable use and use in accordance with specifications. The lifting points and seams are also checked by loading and tensioning.

Big Bags that do not pass quality controls are directly discarded.

Impact on the environment

Our empty Big Bags are made from virgin unlaminated PolyPropylene material. As a result, they are 100% recyclable in the plastics industry.

What is a U-PANEL Classic Big Bag?

The construction is made from a square or rectangular fabric constituting the base of the bag (the bottom Closed Flat Bottom).

The 4 sides are then sewn, with Standard seams, at right angles constituting the envelope of the Big Bag, which allows the safe filling of your products.

The 4 standard straps are sewn on the top of the bag directly on the corners and side faces, in unlaminated PolyPropilene, to ensure lifting and handling.

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