Plastic Pallet 1000X1200 3 bottom boards Full Tray Expand

Plastic Pallet 1000X1200 3 runner Closed Deck



 HDPE Recycled Rackable up to 800 kg
100% Recyclable 3 bottom boards
 ISPM15 Compliance Edges of 7 mm or 22 mm

PEHD recycled

Available with :
Open DeckNestableor 3 runner
Closed Deck-Perimeter base

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Qty FromUnit PriceAmount (w/o taxes)
16 58,39 € 934,24 €
48 45,69 € 2 193,12 €
96 40,59 € 3 896,64 €
192 37,49 € 7 198,08 €
240 37,09 € 8 901,60 €
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  • 0 mm
  • 7 mm
  • 22 mm

58,39 €

w/o Taxes Qty From
70,07 € Tax incl.

37,09 € per 240

Layout and minimum per order : 16


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Product CatégoryPallets
Dimension Category1000 X 1200

Specifications Plastic Pallet 1000X1200 3 runner Full Top


Outer dimensions of this plastic pallet :

Dimensional Category : 1000 X 1200

Length : 1200 cm

Width : 1000 cm

Height : 160 cm

It has 4 entries for bringing up by forklift, automatic or manual stacker easily on all sides.

Weight & Resistance

Plastic pallet Palette weighs moins de 20 kgskg (empty).

Resistance Capacity under load

Dynamic : 1500 kg Static : 4500 kg

Export Compliance

HT ISMP15 compliance : Oui / Yes Moisture content : 0 %

Color : Black

Plastic pallets are not concerned by IPPC regulation inc. ISPM15, meaning this item can be exported all over the world without any extra treatment or extra administrative foreign office process. For your information, ISPM15 (Heat treatment) regulation must be respected and proven for all wooden packaging (including pallets) exported outside EU.

Dimensional Tolerances

Plastic pallets dimension, due to production process, can be under a normal dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.5%. However tolerances affect mainly the weight. Outer dimension are rarely impacted.

Advantages Plastic Pallet 1000X1200 3 runner Full Top

- Easy to clean thanks to its structure.

- Plastic pallet is not porous therefore it does not absorb liquid

- High Pressure washer can be used safely

- Wide range of use

- Offers an optimal combination between Strength and weight

- Plastic Pallets are well adapted for industries like

- Food distribution

- Food Industry

- Meat, Fish and vegetables processing industry

- Automotive

- Phamaceutical

- Beverages & Brewing

- Pooling & supply chain

- And much more …


Our plant produce by stack of 16 pallets . If you get enough in height you can store 2 stacks one on one in safety conditions (see your insurance policy before)

The minimum quantity for ordering this item is 16 pallets. A full truck is composed of 26 stacks of 16 pallets.

Following request, we can ship our order in Jumbo Truck including more stacks up to 36 ( based on Euro pallet size 800 X1200) on ground

Terms of Delivery

Lead Time

Once validated, your order will be delivered between 5 and 7 open days.

For large quantity more than 16 stacks, we manufacture specifically your goods.


We’ve selected recognized haulers for shipping your order. We’re permanently connected with them allowing us to know at all time where your parcel is and when it will be delivered.

Delivery Area

We ship all over Europe, in the UK and Ireland as well. For islands and for being closer to our costumer, we prefer to offer you a free quote before your order. In that way, we’ll provide you the best proposal.

Conditions of use

Storage conditions

Rackable : Oui / Yes Maximum : 800 kg

Nestable : Non / No Stackable : Oui / Yes

Storage full 1 on 1 : Oui / Yes

Handling conditions

Entry for forks in height : 125 cm Entry for forks in width : 326 cm

Nb of Blocks / feet : 9 Nb of Runner / Skids : 3

Full Top : Oui / Yes

This plastic pallet can be handled with a standard forklift and/or automatic and/or manual stacker on its 4 entries.

Non-continuous retaining safety Edges (rim) : Available w/o extra fees directly online

Closed Deck : Oui / Yes


Plastic pallet can be bring by hand, however for safety reasons take care of wearing adapted gloves.

Plastic should not be burned

End of life & recycling, please read carefully here below the related paragraph


Logo or Identification

We can personalized your plastic pallet by adding your logo, or other things like traceability number or asset identification. Customization is available on one or two side of the pallets.

We can offer you 2 ways of personalization. The cheapest, by adding a plastic label long resistance printed on 1 or 2 side. The best, by incorporating the label during the production process. Your identification will be molded into your plastic pallet therefore indestructible.


Depending of the quantity requested, we offer you to choose the color of your future plastic pallet. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote !

ESD Material

As an option, We can provide you Antistatic – ESD material for your plastic pallets. The Antistatic surface resistance will between 10-4 and 10-8 Ohms.

If you need Antistatic material, please send us back your request.


Plastic Pallet 1000X1200 3 runner Full Top is produced with high level of quality. Raw material (HDPE virgin or recycled following the product), in our case HDPE recycled, are checked before using in the mold. Sampling tests are done on each production batch. In case a product does not reach testing phase, it is rejected and destroyed. For sustainability reasons, plastic granulates are reused and reinjected in a new production.

Sustainability & Enf of Life

This product is fully (100%) recyclable. Our products are reusable and tough, permitting our clients saving energy, decreasing environmental impact and of course profitability.

At end of life, they must be recycled in an appropriate network. Plastic granulates will be reused to produce new goods like bottle caps. Opting for an ecological strategy, plastic pallets presented here are produced with HDPE recycled material. If you do not know how and where to recycle damaged pallets, we're committed to take them back for you and give plastic to a second life.

Similar Product

Thanks to a large range of solutions, we can suggest you similar products in the same category size “1000 X 1200”.

- PressWood Pallets, the best combination between price and resistance.

- Cardboard Pallets, the lightest.

- Wooden Pallets, classic.

- Recycled wooden Pallets, the cheapest.

More information

You need more information about this product ? Get in touch with us !

- Directly by email at

- From the live chat Online

- By Phone +33 972 624 079

- Requesting a free quote by clicking on the related button available on each product page

For all request, thank to give us the following reference [ PP10001200160-4-HE3-P ]

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